Sex! Let me see a show of hands of everyone that loves sex.

I see quite a few, but I also see some that don’t have their hands up. This makes me sad. I will assume that those people have never had really good sex or they were raised by prudes. love sex. I love everything about it. Long passionate kissing with tons of touching and caressing is nice. That feeling of being loved and wanted is priceless. Feeling a soft touch on your skin while that cock glides in and out of that wet pussy feel amazing.

Sometimes you don’t want that feeling.

Sometimes you want the feeling of throwing me on the bed and ripping my panties off right before you shove that big cock in my pussy, Forcing it in and raming me until you cum. Yes, I like the hurry up and fuck me sex also. No, I don’t get offended because it’s sex and I love it.

Who doesn’t like a good roleplay?

I know that I love when I pretend to be a hooker and Michael pretends to pick me up on the street. He drives me to a dark alley and makes me suck his dick choking and gagging on it until he cums down my throat. He fucks my mouth like the whore I am. Dressing up is always fun too. He is my fantasy bad boy Jax Teller and I am his sweet innocent good girl Tara Knowles.

Sex should be fun.

Now that I am all wet and horny I am going to wake up Michael with a blowjob. While I do that you can read some more of my erotic literature on my blog page. If you like what you read and you want me to make you cum then call me and we can have no limits no taboos adult chat.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke