In college, drugs were my thing. I have endless stories of doing shots off a friend’s trunk hood, in the parking lot, in the middle of the day, during lunch. Sharing a blunt during the breaks between classes, eating weed brownies to kick off the morning, and popping a few Oxy’s to pass the time.. Staying high or drunk was the name of the game, and hell, it was fun. I don’t even know how I graduated college when there was a party almost every night. I just loved any method I could try for intoxication. 

My friends weren’t really going to stop me, they were just as fucked up most of the time. One time there was a huge party at the state university, just a few miles away. We drove over – already getting the party started on the way with a few Xanax bars – and joined in on the fun. It was one of their Frat houses again, throwing a rager that was bound to get shut down within a few hours.. So we did what we could to enjoy it while it lasted. Shots, shots, shots.

They had a stripper pole out by the pool, and there were drunk sluts dancing all over it. Sometimes one would accidentally fall in the pool and just turn it into skinny dipping.. even if there were people all around to watch. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t join in! 😉 I got all over it. The Xanny made everything feel amazing, like I was floating along. I was in some kind of slutty haze and I didn’t take any names, or even count the number of guys I danced with or started making out with.. All I know is nobody would probably remember anything that happened during that night’s intoxication.. so fuck it, right? Slide the panties off for the little extra thrill of someone catching a view as I danced.. and then feeling my lust take over as I dragged one of the guys upstairs into someone’s room.

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting