Sex being spoken by me softly into your ear by me shows you what’s possible.

Listening to me say all the sexy sweet things you always wanted to hear. Finding a girl like me is like eating swirled ice cream. Putting your favorites of both worlds together for the best phone sex imaginable. Having Sex as often as we can we search for quick moments we can stretch on forever. Experiencing such ease together has always been a luxury the two of us share every time we hook up.

Giving you my full attention and always looking for more to give. Lighting up like a Christmas Tree every time I hear your incredibly masculine voice. Sending fireworks up and down my body from head to toe you turn me on. Inspiring me to let you know all the nasty things I want to do to you. Touching your cock with my gentle touch begins growing firmer by the second. Looking deeply into your eyes makes expressing what I want a given. Stroking you with the ownership I posses over this thick juicy cock that I love.

Indulging in the kind of Adult Chat we play in is an understood way to have Taboo Phonesex. Using words like I love you can make the emotionally insecure feel very uncomfortable. Feeling the love we share comes as second nature to us, and we will have that forever. Keeping our hearts connected and intertwined is necessary for both of us in order to be completely ourselves. Bringing your lust filled loving body to its knees with our chemistry. Filling up on love letters and deliciously sexy words of pure adoration for one another.

Adoring you from afar and up close and personal seems to have me discover new things about you regularly. Discovering some never before said interests and hobbies only make me want you more.

Looking forward to learning everything there is to know baby.