Sex games are loads of fun. However, when you mix them with a super hot Halloween party things get even hotter. I should have known that there would be loads of superhero sluts like me. Although, I would have to say I was most definitely the hottest. So to determine the hottest superhero Halloween slut the only way to determine that was sex games. First, the line of 6 of us knelt down in front of them with our mouths opened wide. Last slut to make their partner nut in their mouth lost. Of course, I was the first to suck down my load.

Sex Games And Superheros At A Halloween Party

In no time girls were dropping like flies as they preformed each of these daring tasks. My personal favorite was a leg spreading competition. With my sexy stems spread wide they wanted to see who could take the most cock. Deep inside of me I was able to stuff thirteen inches of big beefy fuck stick. It was easy to tell this super babe was outshining everyone else as guys gathered round, boner in hand. I moaned out enjoying every last moment of their attention all over my hot young body.

Deep inside of me I was able to stuff thirteen inches of big beefy fuck stick.

The hottest part of the night was how turned on everyone got for the winner of the Halloween superhero sex games! In fact, I became the cum covered bukkake jackolantern at the end. I smiled wide as guys showered me with their thick cum loads. I was the Super Slut Queen of all the hoes at the party, and it showed. This was a title I was more that happy to have, and can’t wait to hold onto year after year!

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