Sex Games, are you a sissy boy?

Sex games are always fun. My favorite sex game is training my sissy boys. A good sissy boy is always prepared for a good ass fucking.  She is always in her sexiest lingerie just waiting for the chance to put on a show and do whatever I ask of her.  Occasionally, when I meet a new sissy boy, they need training on what I expect from them.  No one wants a half-assed sissy boy, do they?

There are rules that must be followed to be my sissy boy. I expect her to be dressed to the nines.  I’m not interested in some cheap ass Spencer’s panty sets.  Being treated like a cheap slut is one thing, looking like one is another.

She should always have her fucking toys ready.  How am I supposed to fuck her if I have nothing there to fuck with? It’s imperative that she be creative. There is always something in her veggie drawer just waiting to fill that man pussy up!

I call all the shots and I own her and her ass.

This may be a sex game, but our pleasure is to be taken seriously at all times. She will NEVER assume I am not in the game. She will always do what I tell her to do.  If I ask her a question, it’s rhetorical.  Her answer should ALWAYS be yes!  There is nothing more pathetic than a sissy trying to put “his” foot down.  Bitch Please!

The most important rule is she must remember I am her Queen.  I am her goddess.  I’m her Master.  I call all the shots and I own her and her ass.  I choose to send her slutty ass out to get used by strange men, she will fucking do it!  Not only does she do it, but she will do it with a big fucking smile.

For more instruction or if you want to apply to be my new sissy boy, give me a call for some phone sex games. You could also win free phone sex by casting your vote for the kinky crew. The ladies all know how to treat you, beautiful sissy boys! Because we know it is so much fun having live phone sex!

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Now, be a good little sissy and get all pretty for your Queen.  Talk to you soon sissy!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke