This sex game turned real life has been going on for a long time

And it’s been quite a while since you let me cum; you realize I’m getting really desperate.  You also know how much I love and need to cum.  Before we started our sex game and I did as I pleased, I came A LOT. But just as much as I love orgasms, you love to deny me permission to have them.

You have me so well trained and obedient that you often make me go days and days without touching myself, much less cumming. It never gets any less difficult for me but you make me do it anyway. My distress pleases and amuses you.  It reminds me that you own me and you can do anything you want to me.

Sometimes, late at night and especially just after I wake up, I want to touch my nipples and my clit so badly that I just lie there, pussy dripping wet. I try to remember that this is no longer a sex game; it’s supposed to be difficult and it’s what I really want. It’s what turns me on more than anything. I think about asking you to change your mind but I know you never will. And you know that I would never, ever disobey you.

It’s supposed to be difficult and it’s what I really want

Sometimes you randomly give me permission to lightly touch but never for more than a minute or two at a time. It’s absolutely agonizing to have to immediately stop touching myself that it nearly always ends in begging and tears. So much that I sometimes beg you not to make me touch at all. But of course you just watch and enjoy my suffering and I always do what I’m told.

I am constantly aware that I’m not allowed orgasms without your permission, which you rarely ever give. This time it’s been over a month.

Of course, you make me wait for what feels like forever

Occasionally, to take my mind off of the aching in my clit, you attach my most painful clamps to my nipples and have fun torturing me until I can’t take the pain for another second and I beg for permission to take them off. Which you eventually give but of course you make me wait for what feels like forever.

I think that the most sadistic thing you enjoy putting me through is when you bury your big hard cock deep in my pussy. It’s even worse than the anguish you inflict that you like to call guided masturbation, where you edge me over and over and never let me cum.  

No, this is so much worse. You fuck me however you like until I can feel you cum inside of me, all the while warning me “don’t you dare cum…”  My begging and my tears turn you on more than anything else does.




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