Round One, DING DING: Sex fighting, your new fetish.

I have to admit, ย I never heard of this until a few months ago. I got a call, and was immediately asked if I had ever heard of the Sex fighting fetish. My answer was no. I was intrigued, and totally curious. He proceeded to tell me, that sex fighting was just what it sounded like. Different opponents, go up against each other trying to see who can make who cum the fastest, the most, the hardest, and whose stamina can sustain even the ย most intense orgasm.

Sounds fun huh?

It’s a pure animalistic fuck, from the start to the finish. Some even being defeated by default, as they were fucked and forced to cum until they passed out. (sounds like a win/win to me)

After a little research, I was ready to battle it out against my new friend. I pinned him, my knees on his shoulders, and my mouth sloppy wet on his cock. He came in minutes *grins* Anna 1, Him 0. Until he rushed his long pink tongue inside my pussy, and tongue fucked me until I squirted all over him. We fucked rough and hard, fast and furious. I was GOING to be VICTORIOUS, in my new-found fetish. We went back and forth. Both determined, both sexually and intensely competitive.

I turned around, and sank my puffy pink soaking wet pussy, right down on his throbbing meat. I rode him hard and fast, almost vigorously…like a bronchin’ bull on a bumpy road, until he came deeply, inside my sweet blue ribbon pussy.

Win or lose, your FUCKED either way.


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