Sex, Drugs And Rock N’ Roll: Don’t Mind If I Do

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll: don’t mind if I do! I definitely got a little overzealous last night while partying last night, to say the very least! Ugh, I think I’ve just spent the last 12 hours in a coma and my head is killing me. I just want to crawl back into bed and stay there for a week, I hate when this happens, but I can’t help it when it’s time to play. Go big or go home right?!?! I had so much fun last night and my inner rock star went wild at my friend’s house party last night. There were a bunch of us there and there were lots of booze and drugs to keep the party mood going, until all hours of the night.

I had more than a few drinks and ended up in the living room with John, Greg and some guys I didn’t know. While snuggled up next to John, I noticed everyone passing around a fat joint and was looking forward to my hit. While waiting, John had his hand up my shirt was playing with my tits and kissing my neck. It felt so good and it felt even better when I took a hit of that good stuff.

I asked him how much he had paid for it and he was about to tell me when Greg interrupted sounding all excited and shit.

He had something a bit stronger, he said and then took out a pretty good size bag full of white powder and poured it on the table. He pulled out his debit card and cut it. Then he made many beautiful white lines and left a few bumps too, in case people didn’t want to do a whole line! The guys sat on the floor in front of the coffee table and took turns, each snorting and saying how good it was. John moved away from me and joined them, leaving me all alone.

I certainly wasn’t having that and wanted in on the action, so I knelt in front of the table and bent forward, snorting up a small line for myself. A couple of the guys encouraged me to do more, but I just waved them off and ignored them. Me personally, I like to go slow, so I can have fun all night long instead of burning out early and crashing.

I felt good and laid back so the feeling could flow over me and John leaned over me to tell me something. “Bad girl!” he whispered in my ear, teasing me as he pretended to lick my nose clean and gave me a kiss. I put my arm around his neck and kissed back as his hand went to my tits again. I needed to actually feel him, so I sat up and took off my top and bra. The other guys were watching me, when one of them called me a dirty little whore, as I pulled John’s head down to my titties. He nuzzled them, making me laugh and I laid back down.

He put one hand on my left tit, while he flicked his tongue over the other right one.

It felt rough and it tickled, as my nipples got hard I moaned and told him to suck on it and felt his lips close around it. His wet mouth sucked on it slowly and I put my hand on top of his, kneading my breast as I groaned.

Greg moved closer to us and I saw him undo his jeans and take his dick out. He jerked off while watching us and one of the other guys scooped up a bit of the coke and reached out to me. I lifted up my head and got a quick sniff, before falling back down. The quick movement made John’s teeth graze me and a thin line of pain went through me. His hand kept squeezing me while his mouth sucked harder and I felt my pussy starting to get wet. “Don’t forget the rest of me,” I said and pushed my ass up while undoing my jeans and tugging them down.

The fun really started, that’s when I got the idea for the boys to use my body, ALL of my body for their coke, instead of the table! Let’s just say that by the end of it all, there was white residue all over my exhausted body! For every detail, just call me and we can play, anytime night or day! I love mt drugs!

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