Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, the perfect beginning to any good story! It all started when I started seeing this wicked hot bad boy, who earned his reputation. Once upon a time, I made a few mistakes and this hardcore bad boy was one. He was the perfect man from his muscled body down to his big fat cock, He wore a leather coat and drove a motorcycle. His bad boy image didn’t end with the body, clothing choices and the motorcycle… he was also the most popular drug dealer in town and known to be quite the player.

Despite his reputation I just couldn’t help myself I was hooked. Just one smile and I was his to do with as he chose. It all started when I became his customer. You see I had a thing for coke and weed I always loved to mix the upper thigh with the down it always brought me to a whole new level of fucked up. We would hang out and get high, listen to some good rock ‘n’ roll music as we snorted up lines and smoked blunts to our heads. That’s when I started to feel more for him then he would ever feel for me.

I got a great idea one day to try and seduce him I mean we would look so great as a couple, but he had another plan in mind.

We ended up having sex, he fucked me silly after we got fucked up off some coke. I couldn’t get enough of him his body was chiseled and he could fuck so good. He made me cum 9 times in one night. After fucking me all night long and cumming in my pussy multiple times. He got up got dressed and told me to have a good night. I loved having sex with him, but I guess a player has gotta play.

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