Growing up people always saw me as a great cheerleader and I was the stereotypical country girl. Like, I listened to country music and maybe hip hop, I dated farm boys and football players, I wore shirt denim shorts and tank tops, etc. Well, a lot of that was true. Except for the music. I was supposed to be this good little sweetheart. But, I loved sex.


I absolutely adore the metal and rock types of music. The words, the beat, the singing, the instruments. Everything about it gets me so turned on and makes me want to be a bad girl. I love the boys that listen to metal too, they get me so wet. Metalheads are my weakness! Long hair, t-shirts, jeans, tattoos… They’re always wanting to fuck hard. But, we’re talking about music here.

Well, when I was 17 I bought tickets for an amazing band that I had been dying to see this band, who shall remain nameless for a reason that I will share in a minute. The lead singer was gorgeous. Long black hair, green eyes, deep voice that resonated through my body when he sang, over 6’5″ tall… He was just huge all around. In every way. The music was Gothic and dark but beautiful.

After an awesome concert that for my black thong soaking wet I went out behind the concert venue for a cigarette, since they didn’t want you smoking closer to the front. I thought it would just be me. There stood about 30 girls. All touching up their makeup, adjusting their cleavage, hiking up their already short skirts and there I was in a little black dress and ankle boots. They all were waiting for something but I had no idea what was happening.

I waited around to see what was going on, smoking about 4 cigarettes. A door opened in the back of the venue and girls started screaming and jumping. Tits jiggling all around me, I lit a cigarette just keeping calm. And stood to the side. I guy came up to the chain-link fence and pointed at a couple of girls, I figured out what was going on. “She’ll do too.” I heard the guy say as he pointed at me. I choked on my cigarette smoke and dropped my cigarette. I was pulled into the gate and there I was handed an own and contract. It was a confidentiality contract. I could never release names or dates. The after I signed I was pushed through a door. I could hear music playing and men talking. It was dark except for the EXIT signs. We came to a door and went in. Pitch black in the room, us 8 girls stood together… I was kind of frightened and so were the others. So we all huddled together. The room was pitch black and cold. We had no idea what was about to happen.

A spotlight hit us and we all were blinking in this blinding light. A man spoke but not to us. “Okay boys, take your pick! There is pussy of every flavor here!” We were in some sort of lineup but for who? I couldn’t tell yet. Girls were being grabbed and pulled off the stage and I stood there with three others. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and the next thing I knew I was of the ground and over sometimes shoulder. I didn’t panic for my own good. I was taken to a room with a lot of couches and it smelled like weed and alcohol. I was sat down in front of the lead singer of the band. I had been dreaming about him since I was 14. He was even more gorgeous in person. “Hello pretty one. What is your name?”
I sat my purse down and smirked, “My name is Bailey.”

“What an interesting name. I am sure you know who I am since you did come to my concert.”

“I have an idea,” I giggled.

“Come sit with me.”

I sat next to him on this red fainting couch. He then started kissing my neck and I looked all around the room. I saw girls on their knees in front of the other band members, sucking their dicks, girls making out with eachother as the guys sat there drinking a beer. A couple girls were already bare ass naked and their tits were jiggling as they straddled a band member. It was a room with nothing but sex happening and I was so excited to see what happened next with me! The lead singer kept kissing my neck and finally was down to my cleavage.

He unzipped the back of my dress and pulled it down, revealing my black push up bra. My panties were dripping wet at the thought of this guy fucking me. But, he was taking his time with me. He got on his knees on the floor in front of me and slid my thong off my ass and legs then sniffed them and stuck them in his pocket. I giggled and bit my lip, I was so nervous! He whispered to me “It is okay my darling. I will be gentle… at first.” He pushed me back and spread my legs wide. He looked down at my tight little cunt and licked his lips. He pushed my dress up and kissed up my inner thigh. I sighed in ecstasy as he inched closer to my pussy.


More to cum in part 2!

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