Sex Dream? or Nightmare? : The Monster under the Bed

Every child has a fear of what may be lurking under the bed. When the lights go out, and you are warm and cozy waiting to drift off to dream land, something always disturbs that comfort. The familiar becomes distant, and the comfort of your own bed is no longer. It may be a creek in the floor, it may be the sound coming from another room, but as a child you know it is neither. The hope of a sex dream is no longer, and the reality is just making it thru the night.

My mother called and ask if I would come home to house sit so she could take a weekend trip with her friends. I haven’t sent the night in my childhood home since I left at age 15. I knew how badly my mother needed to get away, so I had no issue helping her.

The first night in my old room was a bit weird. Pepto Pink walls and my old canopy bed with a white lace chenille bedspread. I was so tired from working all day that I just barely managed throwing my bags into a chair, and getting partially undressed, only to fall atop the squeaky twin mattress. It was still comfy though.

I remembered sleepovers with my girlfriends,  boys I had snuck in through the window, and made out with on this bed. I had so much teenage rage sex on this bed, and I remember….

” Oh I had forgotten you” I said in a whisper, looking over the edge of the bed and staring at the floor. I leaned over a bit further, my head hanging upside down, and I slowly drew the bed skirt up.


I closed my eyes and began to think of him.From what I remembered as a child he was the scariest thing- 100 foot tall, sharp teeth, and long knife like fingernails. He had a growly voice, and a grunt. Forceful yet gentle with his hairy clawwed touch. He didn’t understand human nature, but he did have wants and desires. Just like me. I feared him as a child, but many times since I have grown up, have I had an erotic sex dream where a monster like man, fur- covered body, 9 feet tall, with razor like teeth, would ravage me.

The MONSTER under the bed.

Soon, I was awakened by a low groan, I must have dozed off. Towering at my bedside, was a tall furry figure. I gasped, then screamed. He turned slowly and looked at me, smiling a razor toothed grin. I was shaken with terror, petrified. He slid one of his talons down the center of my night top, it fell wayside. His hands were so huge, one of them covered both of my tits. I cried as he pushed them together. I couldn’t manage words, I couldn’t run away. I hadn’t been this terrified of anything since my childhood, which all came flooding back. My only option to lay there and face my fate.

The monster man I thought only existed in my sex dream, then spread my legs wide holding me at the ankles. The strength in his hands felt as if he could snap me in two, and I knew he could. I feared he would, so I tried to stay conscious as to what he wanted so he wouldn’t hurt me. He examined my panties, studying them with his glowing red eyes. He looked at me, and made this evil hiss. He used his claws and tore the crotch of my panties open.

I was so scared, I kept hoping it was a crazy sex dream, and I would wake up at any second… But My worst fear was that indeed this was a real life nightmare, and I would NEVER wake up again…

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