Sex dolls men becoming a real doll!

Sex dolls men who are into masking and becoming a real doll! The other day I was watching my strange addiction and there was an episode about men who like to dress up like dolls. So In this episode, I learned that there are some men who like to dress up in a rubber suit and put on a mask and become living dolls. You may wonder why do they do this and the reason is that they feel as tho they look like a beautiful woman and if they saw someone that looked like their doll figure that would be the perfect woman. Most of these men are heterosexual but enjoy looking like a beautiful woman and even come up with names for their alter ego.

This episode gave me a great Idea for a blog! I was thinking how fun would it be to do a domination and humiliation phone sex call. I would make you into the perfect woman! So imagine you’re my submissive little bitch and your only reasons for existence are to please me! So I decided that I want to step our dress up game up and take it to the next level! First I show you your new latex skin and command that you put it on!

Once you are looking perfect with flawless beautiful woman’s skin I show you the drop dead gorgeous outfit that I want you to wear. I present to you a lace push up bra and lifelike fake boobies for you to put on. I pull out a tight short cocktail dress that has hardly any fabric to it at all and I tell you we are going out tonight.

Sex dolls, A gorgeous transformation!

After we put that dress on you I take a good long look at you… Your transformation is almost complete. The dress is tight hugging your every curve and the sparkling material barely covers your tits and ass and the back is open. Leaving your new skin bare for the world to see. All there is left to do is give you your new face, A beautiful latex face mask especially made just for you, a Kylie original design! Adding a beautiful wig made of real hair and at last, you have been made complete! My perfect woman, the perfect play toy! As we go out I promise you a night of kinky pleasures as the new you!

I would love to see how far we could take this roleplay! I would love to have fetish phone sex with you! The kinkier the better!

Phone Sex