Sex Doll ~ Daddies Princess Keeps Daddy Happy

I’ve always felt Like a Sex Doll. But Being Daddies Princess Sex Doll has to be my favorite secret of all.

Will you help me keep it?

Many secrets locked away in my twisted mind.

I remember when I was younger I would always tell guys I was older, and they’d always believe me. Such a young girl when I started developing this beautiful body around 10. I learned quickly how to master the way of learning the way to read men. Then, manipulating them… teasing them and totally making them lust for me. *giggle*

I’ve always been partial to Daddy types. Strict, Stern, and ready to spank my misbehaving ass at any second. For some reason this Sex Doll has always wanted to please Daddy, being his perfect princess. Could it be that my father spoiled me? I remember trying to peek at my daddy in the shower, he was a very sexy man with deep blue eyes that haunt me, still.

I’ve always known how to get noticed if you know what I mean??

If you don’t… Xtra short skirts, with barely-there shirts, and licking my lips during conversations with older men, always seemed to be the ticket. As a matter of fact, I can almost pinpoint when an older man’s cock hardens, and his heart skips a beat. Then the games begin. I crave that attention from Daddy. I want him to need me, to yearn for me, to use abuse and fuck me. Just as a Sex Doll should be done.

The best thing to me, about having sex with a man that’s older than me, is he fucking knows how to take control, he knows exactly what to do, and how to push me over the edge. Did I mention I love to scream, yell out and even cry for DADDY???

MMMMMMmmmmm. I like being daddy’s good girl, But I FUCKING LOVE being daddy’s bad girl. *grin* getting my ass spanked ’til it is all red and hot! and then showing my “daddy” some much-needed love and attention, that is what Daddies Sex Doll is supposed to do, right? Be his perfect princess and make him feel good.

I’m not saying that younger guys don’t know what they are doing, I’m just saying I’ve yet to find one to keep up with me. *grin*

Feel free to try though, this Sex Doll LOVES a good hard fuck,*grins* Just be warned I’m not a Milf, and I am single just so I can fuck WHO I want WHEN I want.

I know my way around a Dick, young blood. But Don’t take my word for it, Cum and see what having your very own Sex Doll to play with.

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