Sex and the city- her dirty city sex daydreams

Sex and the city. I am in love with this city. And I have had the best sex in my life in NYC. Of course, I moved here when I was 22, so most my sexual life has happened here. Still, NYC is a sexy city full of hot horny nasty people ready to fuck anywhere.

It has been pretty hot and humid for the past week. I have to run to school after my phone shift, so I throw on a little skirt and some top- usually a tank top or little t. I run for the train and get to the platform, and look around to check out all of the beautiful fellow subway riders.

I’m very open when looking for sexual partners. I don’t need buff muscle-bound guys. I don’t even need a guy! When I feel a sexual connection with someone, their gender is not an issue. A soft wet pussy and some perky tits make me wet too.

During my ride to school, I look around at the people, sitting and standing, bumping into each other. We are all sweating and almost everyone is looking down at the floor or on their phone. I’m not. I have my headphones on listening to some music, checking out the tired construction worker with filthy boots. I imagine walking over to him, crouching down and massaging his tired thick hard thighs.

He looks down at me, surprised. I smile up at him. I put my hand on his crotch and start to rub.

Or I see a girl with glasses, frantically reading and trying to balance a big book and notepad while she leans on the door. Maybe I will go stand next to her and bump up to her with my sweaty tits. I take her book and tell her she needs to relax as I start to kiss her warm soft lips.

LOL, just another day on the train with Sara and her sexy daydreams!

Off to school now- wish me luck!

The Best Phone Sex!