Sex and the city: When his friends actually took him to the hotel suite

In this sex and the city tale when he got to the hotel suite he was very impressed as it was huge and full of booze. His friends had hired a private bartender to make them drinks, therefore, they had planned on a whole night of partying! When they told him what the entertainment was going to be he was so excited, he had never experienced anything like that before.

Let me introduce you to the entertainment!

When your friends first contacted my friends and me to do a private dance for your first bachelor party we were super excited! What a way to show you our Las Vegas phone sex style moves! And you know how they do their private dances in Vegas, don’t you? NAKED!

Time to entertain!

Time for us phone sex girls to entertain you.  Lacy bra’s, garter belts, g-strings, stockings and of course 6″ high heels are what we are wearing. You are sitting in the middle of the room in a chair and we are surrounding you. I have turned on the music and we start dancing around you, rubbing ourselves on you. We take off our bras and take turns rubbing our titties in your face and then rubbing our titties together!

I sit on your lap and slip your bulging cock in between my ass cheeks grinding on you. I know you can feel how wet my pussy is getting rubbing on your cock like that. It is such a turn on knowing how turned on you are. I can’t help but start to grind on you harder. I get so excited that I take off my panties, my friends follow suit and take their panties off too!

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