Sex, it seems to be all I think about…

One of the hardest parts of being a phone sex operator is getting turned on and staying turned on even after a call. Needing to be touched. So, you know what I do… I visualize… I have you naked, tied to the bed… you can not move or touch me. You are at my mercy.

Your gaze drifts over me. My full breasts with there darker nipples already peaked as I glide my hands down them. Down towards my thin strip of tiny curls already glistening. I am wet in anticipation. The movement of the tip of my tongue licking my lower lip captures your attention. I climb on the bed at your feet, my gaze locked on your cock. On my hands and knees, a dozen visions flash through your mind of possibilities. All the while you can not look away as I crawl up your leg. My hair dragging against your skin, my muscles rippling under my skin.

Your face darkening with desire. You feel my hands seeming to burn as I lightly place my hand on your thigh. Your legs become erogenous zone as I pull it in, then the other so I can straddle you. I position myself over your thighs. You can feel the heat from my pussy, see the moisture coating me. I lift my arms, in a slow slide up cupping my breast stretching. Then you feel a drop of my passion’s honey fall onto your thigh.

Your cock throbs with need.

I lean forward, place my hands on your shoulders and slowly pull my body up yours. You feel my hot swollen pussy lips leave a trail of honey first on your balls, then onto the base of your cock’s shaft. I start pushing down on your shoulders as I set up. My pussy lips open nestling your cock’s length. I position the head of your cock right ON my clit trapped in the folds of my flower. Your cock feels my sacred nectar, the honey from my core leaking all around your shaft.

You see my breasts heaving as I begin to ride your cock’s shaft. Forcing your pulsing cock head to bump onto my clit with each twitch of my hips. Grinding down onto your masculine steel. I sit up fully, cupping my breasts, we lock passion hooded eyes. I lower my head, flicking my tongue over my nipples. LOL, I can actually hear the hoarse savage growl from your throat as my orgasm approaches.

You hear me whimper and moan in ecstasy as I ride you rougher.  You feel the wave of honey wash over your engorged cock and balls, drenching you. As you see the muscles in my stomach clench in spasms as I orgasm. Then my hands drop to my pussy kneading and messaging my lips around your cock head. From there I…

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