True Sex Story

Sex? oh yes… I grabbed his head, forcing him up to kiss me, pulling his body up. I cannot wait another moment in an agony of anticipation. Trembling with suspense I need him in me now. Aching for him to fill me over and over again until we’re both sated. Slowly, inch by inch, long and deep, my body gripping him tightly he enters me, his magnificent hardness sliding so blissfully into my wetness, stretching me in every direction, filling me completely. He loves to watch as he penetrates me.

We savor our union body, heart, and soul, my body submits completely to his, as he submits entirely to me for but a moment. I am completely satisfied. We begin to move together as one building the friction, in gentle passionate pleasure and joy. He takes my little keening noises as a challenge; he craves to have me frantic, to hear the wildness of my release. As the waves of pleasure wash over us our lust takes control. Hot and pulsating he thrust into my hot core hard and deep. Our coming together becomes crashing thrusts, our bodies strain to be one.

My body becomes orgasmic so intense it frightens me. I reach for him, gripping him as an anchor to life as I orgasm. My entire body spasms, arching in time with my orgasm; my body squeezes milking him insistently as again my pleasure splashes out coating us both.

True Sex Story

He stops, holding still to feel my tight heat coil, clenching burning him in a music he has created. He listens to me plead and call for him to join me in ecstasy. I love that he is inflamed, begins to stroke in and out again more passionately. He is fervidly ignited; his control is but a thread. As I our bodies dance, his carnal desires engulf his pretense of control. I raise my hips for his deeper penetration. He viciously thrusts forcing every inch of his manhood in me; he hits my deep gateway causing lashes of white-hot pleasurable pain with every thrust.

Our bodies glisten with perspiration the scent of arousal permeating through the air. Our fragrance fills my lungs with passion and desire divinely as I voice inarticulate cries. I sing my devotional praises to the heavens; there will never be a day when he isn’t coursing through my veins. He is my compulsion within my soul.

Pulsing and moaning as we move in rhythmic ecstasy. He thrust his being into my fiery hot sheath with the fierceness of a conquering warrior. He drives in soft and gently then, harder, faster, plunging his pulsating manhood in fully. We make love in those tender moments between our ferociously passionate love. He embeds himself in the depths of me, ensuring that he is my addiction. He binds me to him forever with another chain as I orgasm over and over. I am not capable of thoughts only experience sensations. I exist in a pure paradise of pleasure so intense it is painful. It goes on and on, pleasure edging with pain, he takes me beyond the earth.

True Sex Story

He burns driving harder he claims me for his own. His muscles contract intent on sating his insatiable desire. Seeking relief the only way he can. Our burning desire built into a conflagration, turbulent, out of control blaze. In frenzied euphoria, of endless spiraling climax, our bodies convulsed over and over, my core milking his as he spilled his seed deep. He roars his praises in prayers to God.

We are one drifting in the exquisite euphoria of release. My body is undulating in minor progressively weaker orgasms as I begin to think again. He is talking, gently urging me to join him in bed properly. I become aware that I am half off the foot of the bed.

“Come to me Kitten,” I drag my shuddering body up into his arms. “You are my good kitten,” he says as I nuzzle into his neck. Our hearts are pounding, lungs laboring as little aftershocks course through me. He wraps me in his arms, holding me close. I cannot stop squirming, rubbing his body with mine. I caress his chest and back in adoration. He takes my face in his giving me the gentlest of kisses lightly stroking my face. He snuggles me down on pillowing me on his chest.

I feel the vibrations of his compelling velvet voice rough after his own roars. He strokes my back, speaking soothing words of praise and love. My muscles contract in orgasm sending my body over the edge, the intense orgasm blocking out reality yet again. I return held cradled tight in the vise of his loving arms. My mind, finally calming surrounded in his clasp our bodies entwined. I look in his eyes as he leans down trailing kisses down my cheek to my neck… he builds passions blaze again…

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