How to Have Sex with A Pumpkin – There’s always a first time for everything. It’s October-Fuck-Fest and it’s time to introduce you to a new fall tradition.  Looking at pumpkins will never be the same.  With the change of the season, we are all looking to add a little spice to our sexual routine. Let’s make pumpkin carving and fucking our new fall tradition.

Pumpkin fucking can be your new fall tradition to look forward to each year.

Let’s get started with the necessities. A feature most carved pumpkins severely lack is…. Wait for it! Yes, a “hole” you can fuck. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Usually, there is a witch’s face on ’em, ( I know it looks like your ex-girlfriend or wife) You want to fuck the hole good and hard.  This ”hole” can either replicate a pussy or a mouth.  Use your imagination and get ready for an Anything goes adventure. The hole needs to be a perfect fit for your pleasure. Get ready to Size-Up and Learn How to Have Sex with a Pumpkin by following these simple steps:

Pick a bright orange pumpkin – soft and perfect for fucking.
Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin. It doesn’t matter the size cause this is NOT the hole you’re gonna fuck.

Scoop out the gross gooey stuff in the pumpkin.  Leave some of the squish stuff – you’re gonna want some of that gooey stuff. Use your judgment here – how “wet” do you want your fucking hole!

Turn on some porno or call me to PreGame before the actual Pumpkin-Fuck-Fest begins (Do not skip this part – It’s very important “Size Matters”) You want to make sure the hole you will be fucking is “perfect” for you.  Remember all cock sizes are different.  This is a custom-size hole just for you.

Now that you’re hard, you’re ready to measure the girth of your penis. Length is irrelevant so only measure that if you’re curious. Have the number ready – I might ask you!

Once you have the girth of your penis, match it up and carve along the circle to make your “Glory Hole.” This is one glory hole you will be excited to slip your cock deep inside to fuck. Since we want to keep it festive and ghoulish – let’s call it a “Gory Hole.” (Wicked LiL Laugh)

Ready for the “Pumpkin Face Fucking” to begin?  Want to make it more personal? Give your pumpkin a name and tell your pumpkin she’s really cute. You might even want to call your pumpkin hole “Raven.”  Wishful thinking!  So cute that you are going to fuck the hole raw!  Skip the formalities and skull fuck your pumpkin like you don’t give a rat’s ass.  Furthermore, this is only the beginning of our fun!!

Ready to explore How to Have Sex with A Pumpkin? Need some more pointers?

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