The Setting Sun & Weed !

Are you one of those first Hippies ? Or just a pot head of any age! Do you enjoy smoking weed, especially along with sex…?

When the day is done and the evening is just beginning.  We enjoy watching the sunset with a beverage and some of the best weed you can imagine.  It’s grown on the property with great love and care.

It gets me excited while I watch my man load the beautiful glass pipe that just came in the mail.  My pussy is getting wet and nipples are getting hard.  So as I continue to watch, I bring my bare foot up his leg and into his lap.

While I’m rubbing his cock with my foot, through his pants, he takes the first hit and passes the pipe to me.  Then I take my first hit while he’s undoing his pants and rubbing my foot with his hands.  Due to my foot being so close to his cock, I can’t help myself from rubbing it and squeezing the head with my toes.  He slightly moans as he takes another hit then holds the pipe towards me.

I take a hit while my hands go to his cock and I exhale into his pee hole.  His cock is starting to get hard while my pussy is getting wet from the weed and just watching his cock get hard.

We pass the pipe back and forth a few more times.  The kiss with a puff of smoke from the other.  And the kisses start to go all over each other’s bodies.

We stand and take our clothes off, not really sure if we realize we’re on the back deck. The neighbors have us in plain sight if they’re looking out the window.  But that’s another story…!

The deck rail is where I hang on for the ride.  He comes up behind me and fucks me…!

Call for the details…!

Teen Phone Sex!