Sessions of Seduction

Sessions of Seduction: Kevin came to my office ever Monday for counseling.   His story was pretty standard, an overbearing wife who craved his money more than his attention.  It wasn’t so much his issues at hand that made him stand out as much as an outline of his cock in his tight jeans.

Kevin was your typical blue collar construction guy.  Coming to me to work out his relationship problems was, ironically, his wife’s idea.  He would go on and on about how much he missed the level of intimacy they had in the beginning, how she stopped sucking his dick when they got married, and how their kids complicated any alone time they were able to muster.  I knew he caught me numerous times licking my lips, in my own little world, looking at his cock.

 I couldn’t imagine a woman being able to keep herself away from such a big dick!

As our sessions went on, I would dress a little more provocatively.  Kevin’s eyes would light up when I would call him back.  My blouses got lower and skirts got shorter.  It was only a matter of time before I got what I really wanted.  It was time for the hard-hitting questions.  I asked him about his sex life.  How often they actually had sex, how often he masturbated, and what he thought about when he masturbated.  I couldn’t keep the smirk off my face with that last question.

 He stammered a bit, trying to come up with an appropriate answer.  I uncrossed my legs, relieving my shaved pussy under my skirt.    His face turned red as he quickly looked away, but that cock told me all I needed to know.   I asked him if he ever thought about me when he masturbated.  He blushed even harder, now completely turning his face way from me.   I stood up, slowly unbuttoning my top.  He looked back at me as I straddled his lap.

We kissed like horny animals as he unzipped my skirt.

 I stood up to let it hit the floor as he quickly took off his pants.  Just as I had thought, his cock was amazing.  Nine inches, thick, and rock hard begging to fill my wet pussy.  I straddled his lap again, sliding his meat deep inside of me.  My tits were bouncing in his face, my hair swaying wildly, as I rode his dick harder than it had been ridden in years.  My thighs began to shake and his cock throbbed.  I came so hard all over him.  I got down on my knees and sucked his cock clean.  He held my hair back to watch his sweet, creamy load burst.  He shot cum into my mouth, down my chip, and onto my tits.

You could say I helped him find what he was really looking for in life.  Our sessions of seduction were always hot and steamy.  We both knew what we needed and we got it from each other.

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