Verbal abuse is not for the faint of heart.

Verbal abuse is my favorite kind of phone sex and I truly love all of my emotional pain sluts. You are the men that I want to hear from most, I look forward to your calls every day. You are the ones who really give me what I need… RELEASE!

There is a special kind of connection that is born out of a verbal abuse call. It’s incredibly vulnerable to open up to a beautiful woman such as myself. It takes a lot of bravery to call and give me all of the details of your *sad and pathetic* life, confessing the secrets you dare not tell anyone else. You hold them in but they are secrets that you need to let out. They boil up inside of you until you feel like you can’t take it anymore and the details of your elaborate fantasies are crucial information for me to know. You have to open up to me in this way so that I have the ammunition that I need to tear into you.

Every terrible detail is an opportunity for you to experience bliss.

I take my position as Humiliatrix very seriously. I realize how much you put at risk sharing the specifics of your worthlessness. You have to trust me. You have to let your guard down. And you have to surrender completely and give yourself to me. Only then can I drag you pathetic ass through the verbal lashing that you deserve.

I thank you for this. I appreciate subservient little worms such as yourself to no end. You are what keeps me going. The rush that I get when I let loose is invigorating. I experience too much bullshit on a daily basis to not have a whipping boy to take my aggression out on.

Phone Sex For Free!