Sensually edging your man is the best way to make him crazy and animalistic!

Have you ever wanted to make a man go insane with desire for you? By sensually edging him you show him how much power you have, and he’ll even worship the ground you walk on. I’ve had tons of fun with edging men, and I tend to do it more often than not! Want to know my tricks?

Lay him down completely naked. Start by rubbing some massage oil over his chest, stomach and crotch. This will obviously make him rock hard for you! He will already be wanting you to give him more. Wrap your hand around his cock and start to tug…gently and slowly. Make sure you have his attention the entire time. As soon as you see the pleasure becoming too much for him to handle, stop!

Let him cool off for a few minutes before you continue sensually edging him. Take just his head into your mouth. Run your tongue on the soft seam underneath his head. This will make his dick twitch inside your mouth. He will most likely let out some loud moans and try and push your head down further onto him. Deep throat the entire thing a time or two, holding it for a couple seconds at the bottom, and then stop!

If your man isn’t going crazy by now, continue to tease him with your hand and mouth. If he is going crazy, get up and walk out of the room. He’ll run after you begging for more; wanting to cum so bad! Do the dishes, laundry, anything that will get you bending over and him pushing his rock hard meat against you. I love being bent over the kitchen counter and fucked really hard for a few minutes, and then stopping.

Back to the bedroom now! This entire process will probably take an hour or so, and you’ll have a begging man on your hands. This is when I mount him, slowly pushing his cock inside of me. Riding up and down VERY slow! Just enough to make his skin crawl. Once I have him nearly exploding I stop riding and sit all the way down on his delicious cock. Tightening my pussy around him makes him twitch hard inside of me. I’l grab my vibrator and hold it to my clit until I cum on him. Moaning load as my pussy clenches hard around his massive meat.

This will make you man INSANE! There’s not much more you can do to tease him now. He’ll probably flip you over and fuck you silly until you both release again! This is the best part of sensually edging him! His animalistic traits will come out and go crazy! You’ve done your job right if you’re both exhausted and sleepy in each others arms!

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