How did I beCUM a Sensual Shadow in the mirror? Long story, short…My Professor is one sexy fucker.  Too bad I died BEFORE I got my pussy lips wrapped around that hunk-of-man-meat!  Similarly, I had put myself in jeopardy with my cravings.  Okay, so I’d been stalking him when it happened, but that didn’t stop my lust.

I’d broken into his flat only moments before his arrival home.  See what getting home early will do? So, when I heard the latch, I really had no choice!  I climbed out onto the patio not realizing there was no FLOOR! 20-stories down and HELLO, end-of-my-world! Shit!  That first step WAS a doozie!  You’d think he wouldn’t be able to stay here the same night as I died, but…apparently, I didn’t register for him.

I’m stuck here now.  As a matter of fact, I can’t leave the Master Suite.  But, I get to lie next to him at night.  Turns out, he DID feel something for me.  Generally, I appear to him in the mirror.  I’ve watched him rub his thick cock while murmuring my name.  That’s when I step from the glass to service him the way I always wanted to in life!

Now, he skips all those boring staff meetings that got me killed in the FIRST PLACE! And he CUMS racing back to me.  Well, he STILL thinks I’m in his imagination. But, even if I were, he’s eXXXperiencing the Best Fucking of his life!  One of these days, I’ll figure out how to escape this place. Then, watch out world! I have a LIST of DICKS that I’ve been eyeballing.  Think you’re on that list?  Just remember…I have a strict SEX Policy! I’m your sensual shadow!

When You See A Sexy Ghost…


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