Sensual seduction of a stranger drives me crazy.

Sensual seduction has always been my thing and I love seducing a men; especially when it leads up to the impregnation of me. I’ve been wanting another child for so long, and my uptight husband is always too busy working to pay attention to any of my needs. If he only knew what was really going on in my mind he’d probably have a nervous breakdown. But I’ve decided if he won’t give me what I want, I know plenty of men that will. The thought of meeting another man online or a stranger, going out on a date, luring him back to my bed where it ultimately leads to my impregnation drives me insane. And I’m getting what I want right now.


Tonight I decided I’m going out to get what I desire most. A hot stud with strong spunk to knock me up was just the drug I needed on this lonely weekend. I went out to my favorite club where I knew I wouldn’t have any problems and there he was. Tall, and athletic dirty blond hair and the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. My body trembled when his eyes looked right into mine, almost like he sensed what I was after. A cougar on the prowl looking for a sensual seduction mate to fulfill me.

We walked toward each other with a purpose, me knowing exactly what I wanted, HIM.  We talked for a bit, then he lead me to the dance floor where he groped and kissed me in front of everyone which I love. As he grinded into me from behind he whispered in my ear how hot I was and I knew I had him. I grabbed his hand and led him outside to my car, thinking how good it will be to fuck him in the bed I share with my husband. Leaving a jizz spot behind for him to find turned me on even more.

We barely made it upstairs, ripping our clothes off each other, kissing passionately, like there would never be another time. He laid me on the bed, his hand behind my neck, suckling my tits as I moaned for more.  He spread my legs, impaling me with his rock-hard cock as I ground my hips into him. My mind spun knowing this was my optimum time of the month to get pregnant and with that thought I grabbed his ass, pushing him deeper into me. When we came together it was earth-shattering, our hearts racing so fast it was the only sound in my ears. And as we lay spent, I knew my sensual seduction had paid off.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke