I Loved Giving Sensual Massages

I’ve taken a part time job as a masseuse to try and get a bit more income. A friend of mine owns the spa, and it’s a very exclusive high end one with a very moneyed clientele. There’s one client that came in my first day there and is a regular I really like, he’s good looking. And honestly I love touching him and rubbing my hands all over his well toned body. He’s quite athletic and in great shape. And it’s always a much more sensual experience when he come in that the other clients, for me anyway. It’s always nice to have a client come in you actually like to touch.It makes it seem not like work, you know?
He always got the highest priced package and I earned the most when he visited. And he tipped well afterwards. He loved the fragrant oils I’d rub all over his body as I massaged him. And honestly a few times I felt myself becoming aroused as I worked on him. My pussy was wet a few times after the massage even though he wasn’t touching me. He asked if I liked the tips he gave me and I said of course. And he then said he’d be even more generous if I was “extra friendly” to him. I smiled and caught his meaning and started to remove the towel that was covering him as he lay there on his back. Now totally nude and exposed.

I Stroked Him In A Slow And Sensual Manner


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He was semi hard as my hands reached down and gripped his cock in my hands. And started to move my hand up and down in a very slow and sensual manner. Making him as hard as steel in seconds. His breathing got deeper as I moved my hand up and down his shaft and his balls tightened up. And he soon shot his load of jizz on my hand. I thought he was soon going to get up and leave, but he said he wanted to make me feel good as well. He got up, still nude, undressed me, and laid me back on the table.

His Hands On My Body Was Magical

He wiped his jizz off my hand with a towel and then filled his one palm with the fragrant oil. And started to smooth it over me with slow, easy and sensual strokes of his hands. His hands were strong and powerful and fell like magic as they roamed over my skin. He grabbed my breasts and kneaded them until my nipples stood at attention. He parted my thighs and rubbed his oiled fingers over my already dripping wet pussy. And he manipulated my clit until I was bucking up against him and he worked his fingers faster and faster. And I came all over his hand, struggling not to cry out. I didn’t want the staff outside the door to know what was going on in here.
His hands were making me feel like I was floating. He knew what he was doing And it wasn’t long until he began his rubbing again and was soon having me cum a second time. Until my entire body was quivering from the sensual pleasure this man was giving me. I loved touching him, which he obviously picked up on, and he had more than returned the favor and I was glad, we both had a very happy ending indeed that day.
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