Sensual massage is more than just oiling up my body and stroking me.

I often find that sensual massage is a full mind and body experience when done correctly.

Sensual massage is an ancient art, practiced by people the world over.

I’ve had my fair share of bad body rubs. Let’s face it, my number one priority is to get off when I’m being massaged.

Last night my lover brought over his massage table and oil, prepared to take me to new erotic heights. He decided to bring the lavender oil tonight because I have a terrible head ache. The sweet smell of the oil soothes me.

Pouring a good amount onto his hands he begins to make long, stroking motions up and down my limbs. Once he had my body totally coated in the oil that’s when he began to work his magic on me.

What strong, talented hands this man has!!

I can’t help but to writhe my hips in arousal. I am so turned on. Starting up in my hair, he begins to move his fingers in strong, broad circles. I notice he pays special attention to the back of my head and neck and to my temples.

I can feel his talented fingers rubbing my shoulders and neck, working out all the tension. Then I feel my body relax even more.

By the time he reaches my breasts, my nipples are rock hard and begging to be stroked. My lover notices and gives both of my tits a good squeeze and then slowly releases them.

I can feel him do this several times and it has me so hot and bothered.
I then feel warm oil hit my stomach and I open my eyes.
My breath catches in my throat as I watch the beads of oil slip down into my smooth pussy lips.
Part 2 coming next week.

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