A sensual massage feels so good!

I love a man who knows how to take care of me all sensual.  When I come home all stressed and find he has the entire place set to get me in the perfect mood, it drives me wild!

As I enter, I see lit candles and the air smells of lavender and vanilla. My heart melts and my legs almost buckle. Before long, I’m intoxicated by my surroundings and hardly notice the massage table set up for me.

You walk towards me and pull me close, whispering into my ear you’ve been waiting for me to come home. You take the bags from my hand and set them aside.  I feel your hands on my hips and you slide them towards the zipper of my jeans.  After you unbutton them, you slowly unzip my jeans and let them fall to the ground.

You drop to your knees and slide your hands up my legs to my waist.  Continuing their trek, you slide them underneath my shirt, pushing it up.  Automatically, I lift my arms into the air and you slide my shirt off of me.  I’m standing in the middle of our room wearing only high heels, a blue bra, and matching panties.

Escorting me over, without a word you lift me up onto the table.  You motion for me to roll over onto my stomach, exposing my entire backside to you.  Your hands begin to slide over my skin and, after you unhook my bra, I immediately begin to relax.  Next, I feel the warm out you’ve prepared being poured over my entire backside, neck to toe.


You massage my upper body and, as you’re caressing my soft skin, I moan.  You slide your hands down my back and hook your fingers into my panties, and begin to breathe heavier.  A natural reaction, I lift myself and you slide them down my legs with ease.  Your hands glide back up my legs and, spreading them wider, you fingers trace my now exposed pussy lips.

I can’t wait to find out what you have in store for me next!

Best Phone Sex!