Sensual Lesbian Experience Has Me Loving the Fairer Sex So Much!

It is true; I am a kinky girl. As a matter of fact, fun, flirty, and naughty are my middle names when it comes to any and all things sexual. However, today, my match gave me an intense sensual lesbian experience like no other.

Ask anyone that I have been fucking, absolutely any one of them,  and I guarantee you that they will tell you how good I am in bed. One night with me is legendary! But, one night with her was, oh my god, indescribable!

She is as naughty, perhaps even naughtier than me. In fact, she was so good that she rocked my world by making me cum 5 times! It was unbelievable! My pussy was soaking wet and full of delicious creamy cum by the time she was finished with me.

Hahaha. When it comes to sex, I am a beast. I use all my skills and tools when I am with someone. I like to show people a good time, ya know? But, of course, she didn’t even allow me to show her my skills.

This sensual lesbian experience has me loving the fairer sex way more now.

She isn’t the first woman I have been with. In fact, I have had my share of lesbian sex. All of them fully enjoying my amazing sexual prowess. Additionally, they always come back for more.

Today, she has me in that position. I am so freaking wet just telling you about her and those amazing gifts she has. During the fun, I was so wet; it was as if I was dripping pussy juice.

And, during this sensual lesbian experience, she is happily lapping up all my juice. I can’t even tell you how many times I came. In fact, it may be a record for me.

Not only is she good in bed, but she is also smoking hot and sexy too.

Seriously, I need more of her sensual lesbian experience right now. I am talking tall, long legs. Beautifully formed breasts that are firm and soft at the same time. Her nipples are a perfect shape and size.

Oh, and that cunt of her is pure fire. The way she uses it with me is unbelievable. I have never had a woman like her and don’t know that I will again.

I do know she is all I am thinking about tonight. How she feels, smells, kisses and fucks.  I can’t stop touching myself, and I am so sore. My pussy is raw from our session and my masturbating since.

I am using an ice pack on my poor cunt for relief from our sensual lesbian experience.

Her lips on mine were amazing. She has the softest lips I have ever kissed. And, her tongue knows just how to do the right things to mine. God, I want more of her, and I want it now.

Of course, my pussy is too sore for more now, but I have to have her again. We are meeting for dinner this coming week, so I know she wants more of me too.

Obviously, she was in charge during our sensual lesbian experience, but I want a chance to show her my moves too with both our skills and tools; our time together will be earth-shattering.

And, I want that with her every fucking day.

She is inside my head now, and I will have more of her. I want to push her down and kiss her entire body. I want to make her scream, and I will!

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