I love sensual JOI because it is for everyone.  The vanilla, the kinky, and all of the naughty boys in between can bust a nut with what I deem the best jack-off instructions you will find on the net.  But don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself!  Indulge in the fantasy you’ve been dreaming of as I take control and guide you through.

Dim the lights, set the mood, and take those clothes off.  You won’t need them anymore.  Now, lay back on the bed and rub your hand over that stiff cock.  Tease yourself to enter the realm of true pleasure.  There is no need to rush sensual JOI because we are taking time for you.  Think of it as sexy self-care.


There is no shame in needing something a little more real

As you feel your dick spring to life, slide your fingers to that head and massage that cock hole.  Sensual JOI is about touch and sense, not a fast fuck and chuck.  Glide your thumb over it and make that dick throb.  If any precum leaks out, be sure to rub it in because it is some of the best lube you’re going to get.  Don’t be afraid to have a taste if you feel the urge, but don’t force it if the thought makes you uncomfortable.  This is all for you, remember?

Now, I want you to begin massaging your balls because they are so often neglected.  Start cupping them in your left hand and pulling your sack down.  Be sure to close your eyes and really feel the sensation!   What makes these the best jerk-off instructions is that we are dulling our other senses to heighten touch.

Don’t be afraid to start bucking into your own hand…

There is no shame in needing something a little more real when your cock is good and dripping.  Shape your hand around that head and start to fuck yourself.  Let that cock glide between those fingers and get yourself excited about how good this is feeling.

Slowly, start introducing your hand to the motion.  Trace your dick with your palm up and down, but don’t get too carried away.  We still want this to last a bit longer.  If you feel like you need to urgently cum, be sure to slow down and ease yourself back into the ride.  We are going to kick this sensual JOI into the next gear.

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Finding a solid rhythm, twist your wrist when it reaches the tip.  This added motion will make your balls tighten and beg from release.  The end goal is to have the perfect orgasm, but we are not quite there yet.  If you have oil, drizzle some onto the delicious cock and start working it in, but don’t be too easy on drenching it.  Make it feel like you are in the wettest pussy you’ve ever touched!

Now start really pumping that dick.  Enjoy the feeling of your hand gliding up and down while you point your toes and lean your head back.  That’s it, moan and make all the noise you need because your time is coming soon.  Grab that slick cock and make it spurt all over.  The best jack-off instructions make a mess in the end, but before you do, make sure to amp up that feeling by being guided with a sexy voice.  Go ahead and call me.  I always love helping a naughty boy out.

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