Sensual, Sexy girlfriend experience

I am a naughty girl, of course. But, sometimes I like to get into the softer side of things. And guys want something more than just a quick little fuck sometimes. I am here for that. Your own hot girlfriend experience. What is a GFE? It’s more than just fucking. More intimate than just talking about what your fantasy is. It’s perfect in every possible way. A girlfriend experience can take you higher than almost any fantasy!

I have a regular caller who calls me as much as he can. And it’s not just because he wants a quick little fuck on the phone. He wants a deeper level of intimacy than just regular fucking. He wants to know me in and out.. what turns me on, what I listen to, my favorite foods, my goals, my life. And I love to hear the same from Austin. All of the talking we do just builds the intimacy and creates an explosion of passion and makes us both cum hard in the end.

We have talked about how it would be if he lived with me. How amazing it would be to just be around, talking, enjoying each other in every possible way. How he would walk into our room and see me lying on the bed, naked… and touching myself. He would get instantly hard and have to come to play with me. I invite him into the bed with a smile and he starts caressing my body all over. Sucking on my nipples, nice and slow, and turning me over. He spanks my ass, hard! Leaving a big, red handprint and making my pussy drip with excitement.

He loves hearing how real it would be

I would help him take off his clothes and suck his cock, making him want me more. Knowing that he is all mine, I get on all fours in front of him.. I want him to fill my pussy up, so bad! He spanks me again and licks my little cunt.. making it soaking wet. He shoves his rock hard dick inside me and fucks me with long, hard strokes. I cum almost instantly! Being fucked by him makes me cum fast, every time. He keeps going and I squirt all over our black satin bed sheets.

He grips onto my hair with one hand and his other hand on my hip… he thrusts faster and harder.. and deeper… making me squirt even more as he cums deep inside of my pussy. I lie face down, him still inside me and he lies on top of me.. kissing all over my shoulders. He smiles, “Oh, baby. I love fucking you…. want some ice cream?” And we snuggle up with a carton of ice cream and watch Netflix and just chill in each other’s presence. ❤️

For your own personal girlfriend experience.. you can call me. 😉 I love to talk and share naughty little secrets. Along with making our own hot sex stories!

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