My Foot Slave Shows his Reverence to Me with his Sensual Foot Worship

One of my favorite subjects that I like to discuss is the reverent worship a slave gives to his dominant. Where his devotion goes much further than a mere phone sex lover. And of the many ways he can show this, there is one way that has a special place in my heart. That way is through the worshipping of her feet. The art of sensual foot worship is something that can when done properly and with a pure heart, bring such closeness and affection between both parties. Take a peek as to what I refer to and let’s see if you agree with me…

“May I worship you now My Lady?”

He utters these words with head bowed, kneeling before me, myself comfortably seated in the overstuffed chair he had offered me earlier.

“Yes, you may my dear.”

He brings his hand up behind my knee, slowly and methodically letting his fingers caress my calf, extending my leg and foot towards him gently.  He brings his hand down to the heel of my shoe and releases it from my foot. My shoe dangles from my toes, cupping my heel in the palm of his hand like a delicate flower.

My slave then slides his hand down to my arch, while simultaneously removing my shoe with the other.  His touch is warm against my skin, and he lingers a bit before he places my foot to the side.  He repeats the process on the other foot.  He is deliberate in his movements, reverent in his actions, and his touch. My foot slave then reaches behind him and brings forth a tub of warm, scent water. I can see there are flower petals floating amongst the sweet smell of foam.

Such solemn and devout sensual foot worship fills my heart with warmth, as well as the growing wetness between my legs

My foot slave then places each of my feet in the warm foot bath. He washes each foot slowly, taking particular care between each one of my toes. His gaze is intense, filled with love, and dare I say, awe. But there is something more. There is hunger. And desire. And that hunger and desire are growing exponentially, along with his hardening cock. It pleases me that he enjoys this as much as I do.

After each foot is thoroughly washed, he places both feet on the towel on either side of the footbath. Removing the tub behind himself, he then takes up the task of drying my feet. His slow, methodical movements both dry and massage every inch of my feet. A soft moan escapes my lips at his reverent ministrations. The edges of his lips turn up in a small smile. The proof of his joy, knowing the pleasure he brings me.

I know the next step is at hand.

My foot slave then lifts one foot toward him, cupping it within his hand like a precious chalice that I have allowed him to partake of.  With the other hand, he reaches down, finding the spoon that is resting beside one of three small porcelain bowls on a tray that has been set to the side.

Inside one lies a warm, golden pool of the most decadent honey one can have passed between one’s lips.  That’s when he dips the spoon in so slowly, spooning its contents, drizzling the warm amber liquid over my waiting foot.  It is warm and thick and its aroma lofts up toward me, teasing me with its sweetness.

He then lowers his head to his artwork and proceeds to lap slowly and methodically, sending waves and waves of pleasure up my foot, and my leg, filling my sex with such warmth and wetness.  As I glance down at the tray and the other two bowls, I wonder what pleasures they hold within, their contents a tool to show his undying love and devotion to me. The beneficiary of his sweet, wondrous, sensual foot worship.  And the inspiration for these musings.


Come show me your adoration – come worship at my feet.

Dial my number and worship this goddess with a bit of fetish phone sex

Your Free Sex Story & Sensual Foot Worship Guru,

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