Curious to know what your sensual domination phone sex Goddess’ true sex confession is? It is only fair; I did ask you to tell me your naughty sex confession over the phone, didn’t I? Well, my real sex confession is that I have always hungered for a sensual erotic massage!

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Certainly, after having erotic phone sex stories and watching free sensual porn all night; could you blame me? Hot sensual sex over the phone will always make my pussy wet! As a result, my yearning for the sensation of strong hands exploring my body with a sensual erotic massage consumes me.

A few weeks ago, I had the most sensational massage after my primal fetish wrestling match. Unfortunately, it was much needed after being easily defeated and completely dominated by my strong, mysterious opponent. Not only was it relaxing but it was the most sensual erotic massage that I have ever had. But, this exotic massage had a happy ending that left me satiated with sensual pleasure.

Lucky for me, my gym has a massage therapist on staff. After my defeat, it took every bit of strength that I had left. But, I eventually limped my way over to set up a deep tissue massage. My body ached in places that I didn’t know existed.

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Sensual Erotic Massage


Undressing in the changing room, I slipped the silk robe over my sore, naked body. Staring at myself in the mirror and still turned on from my earlier defeat. I begin to sweep my fingers around my hard nipples slowly trailing their way down my tender stomach before reaching my wet pussy. Closing my eyes, I moan quietly as my fingers graze my clit.

Suddenly, I’m jolted back to reality by a knock on the door. Sliding my feet into the plush spa slippers, I follow the receptionist to my room. Before leaving, she tells me to lie face up on the table and let me know that the massage therapist would be in soon. A crisp white linen sheet covers the massage table; a soft towel and satin blindfold lay on top of the table.

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Listening to the soothing music that fills the room my body begins to relax. The adrenaline from my primal fetish wrestling defeat has finally worn off. However, my pussy still aches to be touched. Hoping that this erotic sensual body rub will quench my desires. I cannot keep my mind from replaying the steamy events from earlier. Until my naughty thoughts were disrupted by the massage therapist as he entered the room.

Squirting the massage oil into his hands, he doesn’t say a word before wrapping his hands firmly around my left foot. He begins to massage my heel, pressing his knuckles into my arches before sliding his fingers between my toes. Giggling, I tell him that my feet are ticklish as I curl my toes and begin to pull my foot away. Grabbing both of my feet in his large hands, he teases my feet; massaging and tickling them at the same time.

Erotic Seduction Through Sensual Erotic Massage

Working his way up my calves, his strong hands knead and caress legs. Sending chills up my spine, I try to calm my breathing but just his touch arouses me. Holding my breath as his hands slide up my thighs, my body tenses. Tightening his grip, he massages my thighs faster. Rubbing my legs he caresses his way to the crease between my inner thigh and my pussy lips. Curling my toes as a moan escapes my lips, he traces the crease with his fingertips. Feeling his breath blow softly over my pussy almost sends me over the edge.

Rubbing his open palm over my wet pussy lips, his hands explore up my stomach before grabbing my tits. Gently circling my nipples with his fingertips, he pinches them tightly before flicking them. Arching my back, I moan louder this time before his hand grips my neck tight. Sweeping his free hand slowly down my stomach, he caresses the crease between my inner thigh and pussy lips again. Sending my body into an intense orgasm from his sensual erotic massage.


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