Do you believe that you can have sensual erotic foreplay that is better than sensual erotic sex? I didn’t think that it was possible either; until recently. It is definitely worth sharing with you, my hot and horny readers. My closest girls and I are out for a night on the town. We are hitting the best clubs in town, high end so we get only the best selection of drinks in the area.

Yummy drinks, amazing music, and successful men definitely make for some very interesting conversations. Especially once a guy finds out that I am a phone sex operator. His penis humiliation confession quickly becomes the topic of discussion. However, I am feeling super sexy tonight and sensual erotic foreplay is on my agenda tonight.

We are at the A-Lounge downtown in our city. This place reeks of class and sophistication but is still a fun place to party. Well dressed, well-groomed, fucking sexy men everywhere!

Sensual erotic foreplay is the furthest from mind tonight.

Then, up walks Josh. He is well-spoken and offers to buy all our drinks in the next round. Of course, we all say yes. He sits down with us and starts talking to me specifically. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a couple of guys come to our table and introduce themselves to my girls.

Both of them are super hot and the girls look happy. Josh and I start a conversation on business in our city right now. He is extremely knowledgeable and funny too. Something about him is really appealing to me. As we continue our conversation I realize it is his confidence. He oozes confidence and power which leads to our sensual erotic foreplay.

I am drawn to him and the dominance that exudes from his pores as our conversation continues.

He gently touches my hand and it is very sensual. Our eyes meet as we both feel the spark run between us. His other arm goes behind me across my back. He is claiming the space I am in and me at the same time. Normally, I am in charge and in control when in situations like this; but I am enjoying letting go and giving him the control.

Eyes so bright and green they almost glow. Light brown hair, styled so well wearing well-tailored clothes that complimented his physique. His entire aura is strong and also very erotic and sensual. I am drawn to him and his smell, like wood, spice, and maybe mint. His skin and hands are soft as he runs circles on my hand. His sensual erotic foreplay has already taken its hold and put a spell on me.

I am wet imagining that hand running circles somewhere else.

Our entire interaction is so sensual. Even though nothing sexual has been said. We are discussing business for God’s sake! What is it about this man that is so erotic and sexual? His body is strong, he obviously works out and is very fit. I can see the muscles outlined through his clothes as he moves around in his chair.

His arm on my back moves down to the small of my back and I immediately react by scooting closer to him. There is a fire in his eyes as we communicate without words what we both are feeling. This is so intense and hot. I want him and yet, I want to keep it going just as it is. Lips full and smooth, he leans to whisper in my ear. All he asks is if I need another drink.

Yet, that action lights my sweet little pussy on fire.

Josh knows what he is doing to me and I can tell I am having a similar effect on him. The rest of the bar is invisible to us. We are in our own little world. When he comes back with our drinks, he changes the conversation to me. Asking about what I do for a living, am I single, do I enjoy this or that?

He is gauging my reactions to him. We are now touching legs and still, nothing sexual is really taking place, but it feels as though we are alone in a room fucking. I can see he has an erection. What a crazy feeling. This is erotic sensual foreplay like I have never experienced in my life. If he found a way to make me cum by touch, I know I would leave him satiated and happy.

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