Sensual Domination with Mistress

Sensual Domination with Mistress Dawn when she came to me informing me she wanted me to give her a message. I entered the room as before and went through my usual progression of massaging her shoulders and back and buttock.

As I worked my way up her legs, I saw that she had spread her legs a bit. Her perfect pussy peeked out from under the edge of the towel where the cracks of her butt cheeks spread.

I moved my hands to massage the upper thigh of her left leg, moving closer to the dark triangle. Her legs opened a little more to give me room and I plainly saw the butterfly-shaped lips of her pussy.

Like little ears surrounding a darker opening. Pretending to carefully massage her upper thigh, I firmly pressed the back of my fingers into the wet softness between her legs.

I heard her let out a quick gasp.

Emboldened, I began to explore, tracing the line of her lips down to a small nub at the top of her pussy.

She spread her legs a little more and began to move slightly as I pinched it gently between my thumb and first finger. Not knowing exactly what she wanted me to do, I slid my fingers up and into the now quite sticky opening to her pussy.

I let one finger enter; then two, then three. It seemed the more fingers I had in her the more firmly she pushed again my hand.

Suddenly, I felt her convulse a little around my fingers as she let out a soft moan. She said a soft word of affection and


Then wrapped her towel loosely around her and left the table. As I went to leave the room, I had to adjust my penis in my shorts as it poked stiffly against the fabric of my underwear.

I knew not to give myself any further relief even as my excitement grew till my ears throbbed.

When I came out of the massage room she was dressed in a short robe. And she told me to strip down to my boxer shorts and lie on my stomach.

I turned away from her, pulling off my T-shirt looking at all the floggers, paddles, harnesses and dildos displayed on the wall. And anxiously getting my shorts off as fast as I could wondering if this was going to lead to mutual pegging pleasure.

Sensual Domination with Mistress
Sensual Domination with Mistress

I felt exposed in just my boxers excited yet nervous what today would bring and how long it would last. But Mistress Dawn didn’t say anything. So, I lay face down on the padded bench where she pointed.

Standing at my head Mistress Dawn began by scratching my head and massaging my scalp and neck. Her hands felt cool as she reached forward to caress my back and shoulders.

Moving to the left side of the bench she eased her way down to my bottom. Cupping my ass cheeks and kneading them in a circular motion. She moved down my left leg, squeezing my thigh muscles and my calf.

As her hand came up my leg I felt her reach inside my boxers and lightly touch my ball sack with the tip of her fingernails.

I felt a jolt go through me and then instinctively lifted my butt a little to give her more room. She then removed her hand.

Then slid both her hands up the back of my legs under my shorts. I melted as she touches the skin of my little butt cheeks with her bare hands.

“Let’s take these off,”

she said as she tugged at the pant legs of my boxers,

“After all, I’m your Mistress and I’ve seen you naked many times.”

I didn’t say a word and obediently lifted my butt as she pulled my boxers down past my ankles and threw them onto the chair.

“That’s better; you have such a cute little butt,”

she said as she lightly slapped my bottom and then resumed her caressing. I felt my face warm at her compliment.

Having finished a deeper touch massage, she began to lightly skim over my skin, barely touching me with both her fingertips and her nails.

I felt her go up to my back and down my sides. She tickled my bottom and skimmed down the outside of my legs.

Then she came up my left leg with the backs of her nails and as her fingers slowly inched up between my legs I instinctively let my legs open a little and began to raise my hips.

I felt her blowing on my ass hole,

as she began to tickle the line that ran from my anus across my scrotum to my little penis. She tickled my ball sack and ran her finger lightly up and down my shaft.

It felt like a feather, and I raised my hips higher to give her better access. She reached under my hips with her other hand and gently pinched the purple tip of my penis, which by now was fully firm.

I raised my hips higher. And then felt her grasp my rigged cock and gently pull it between my legs as she began to milk it between her thumb and first finger.

I was now up on all fours and was in ecstasy. I felt a pleasant tingle as I looked between my legs.

Then the Sensual Domination with Mistress Dawn built higher my pleasure higher as I watched her fingers slide up and down my shaft until I shook with an aching pulsing. She pulled her hand away, standing, she walked towards the displays.

“Are you ready to serve MY pleasure?”

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Sensual Domination with Mistress
Sensual Domination with Mistress

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