Sensual domination isn’t all about pain and degradation; that’s a whole other category of domination. One of my favorites happens to be on the lighter side. Only those who obey me get to indulge the pleasures I can give as a reward with perfect obedience.

Let me tell you about my first encounter with controlling a person with sensual domination. Jason, MmmMMM! That was one of the sexiest men I’d ever met. He’s as big as a horse, and he knows how to use it. Don’t get me wrong, gentlemen, I’m hardly complaining, but a girl likes to feel like she fucks better than any other woman he’s had!

Ladies didn’t even make him work for it; such a shame, too, but I fixed that problem.  He’s still quietly worshipping me and begging me for me for release.

Skip forward to after our date, and we’re back at my apartment getting very hot with each other.  His fingers dug into my ass as I straddle his lap; he was really trying to get right to fucking.

Obey me if you want this pussy.

I held still. In fact, I made sure to stay as still as possible. Of course, he didn’t care for this one bit. Before I started showing him the power of sensual domination, I gave him some words of wisdom.

“Hold still, Jason, and you’ll get everything you want and more.” That was the ticket, gentlemen! I was firm yet sexy. “Tip your chin up to me. Please do not kiss me or touch me without my permission. Do you understand?” Jason nodded; he understood. “Good.”

My lips barely skimmed his throat all the way to his lips; like a good boy, he held still. I was off his lap in a swift motion, and I began to slip my clothing off slowly. I wore sexy red lingerie, a throng, a shelf bra, and a matching garter with stockings.

“Pull out your cock for me, Jason, then lay down.” He did as he was told. “No touching it, just keep him hard for when I’m ready.” Now that he was in place, I was finally going to have some fun.

I sat in reverse on his face. Of course, I kept my pussy just out of his reach. “No licking unless I instruct you, understand?” My tongue teased mercilessly around the head of his throbbing cock. His moaning made my pussy wet.

All of this requires control over my own desires.

Thankfully, I have pretty great control over my own urges. “Jason, you’re going to lick my pussy and make me cum, but you are not allowed to cum before me, is that understood?”

I lowered my very wet pussy onto his mouth. Basically, I could have cum the second his lips met mine, but I had to draw it out while I pleasured his cock. His moaning felt like a  little vibrator against my clit, and it was magnificent!

Before I knew it, I creamed his face. I bet he felt like a total king that moment…making me cum so fast. Instead of giving over to his pleasures, I dropped his cock and told him to meet me in the bedroom for an encore!

Read part two of my naughty sex story next week! If you’re looking for hot roleplay phone sex, give me a call, and let’s have some fun!

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