Sensual Domination Class Saves Marriages. You’re WelCUM!

I just started a new business and I quickly came to realize that a good sensual domination class saves marriages. And how! So, another Sunday and my last client was exiting via the backdoor. Next, cums Mr. Sexy-ass. He’s real smooth. One of those who was probably “Too cool for school” back in the day. Big dick, great smelling, make your panties wet without going for the pussy, and dream of taking him deep in the ass kinda cool. He’s the slave to me being his hot, Sensuous, Mistress. I’m his naughty Mistress to call. Yeah.  I want to fuck him right now and leave him weak. But, all we get are the sexy, stolen moments. It’s a common mistress’s tale. But, believe me when I tell you, a great sensual domination class saves marriages.

First of all, he could care less about how I feel for him. I know full well that he rubs his dick raw at the mere whiff of me. He’s like my pet. He’s ready for me fulltime, but he’ll never leave her. Like most everything else about him, he has a perfect life. He’s just unfulfilled in every way. There is nothing he won’t confess to me, no act he won’t perform to make me happy. He really wants to give to her like that, but… He gets me so wound up, I can barely type! A twitching clit will do that to a girl. Giggle.

My dilemma? While it’s true that Sensual Domination Class Saves Marriages; what happens if I want him as my own?

I have been a Mistress for years. I now lay claim to a host of very different men. My lust for the lifestyle all started when I was “loaned” into servitude by my father. He was a well-meaning man. Just poor and with vices that took every penny he earned.  He could never manage to feed me, his only child.  When the first man came to him with a proposal of not only food but the finest schools, travel, culture for me, even I was excited at the prospect. But, that was then. Long before the tales turned. Now, I’m the one in charge!

Now, I hunger deep inside, for just one man. He’s client “X” and he doesn’t even remember my name most of the time; opting to simply call me, Mistress, or Queen. Oh, he also brings me baubles from around the world. In all aspects, I truly was a queen to him. He just didn’t want to wade in too deep. Good for us to keep business from pleasure, so-to-speak.

Once, when checking into the Burj al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai; arguably the most lavish hotel in the world, he had the circular tub in the suite strewn with white rose petals.

Hmmmm. White. The color of pure love. But, was that the case for him? There was nothing pure…but, was there love? I sometimes caught him looking at me in a different way than normal. Not the hungry look. More of a longing. But, why long for a woman you already have? It was his wife he truly loved. Right?

Often, he would gather me from the tub with a fluffy towel and carry me in his arms to his bed. He would then rub me all over with warm, rain-scented oil, all the way to my toes, which he then took, one toe at a time, into his warm, wet mouth.  Making his way up with his tongue to the middle of my thighs, just to watch me squirm under his tongue and touch. He would look me directly in my eyes, tongue threatening to touch my clit, but not. Good boy! He was a quick learner!

Now, lowering that soft, wet tongue to my button. Lowering it until it pushed hard on my clitty, then flicking it side to side. Whooo!

He elicited panting, screams, and moans from me. But, did that fucker actually wink at me while driving me nuts? I think he did! And a small smile that said he knew exactly what he was doing. So, now it’s time for a turn of the screw; so to speak. LOL.

I lifted my hips with lightning speed to meet his tongue and FORCED it deep inside my pineapple-tasting pussy. My inner lips seemed to clamp down on his tongue like it was his cock! I rode his tongue and watched it slip in and out of that delicate little mound until suddenly, I exploded my cream and it shot from me all over his face and into his begging mouth. I bet his wifey doesn’t give him pleasure like this! And thanks to me, my sensual domination class saves marriages. She’s never been happier since me teaching him the way to have her submit to him.

After that, every time he fucked me, he owned me a little more completely.

And in some ways, I believe I own him as well. He said the words once, or twice. But, never eloquently, nor necessarily audibly. The most important thing was that I began to know he loved me. He just couldn’t commit to me. And why should he? He had his family. But, all in his world was perfect. Right? He could cum and fuck me, deeply, passionately, cum on, or in me any and every way he chose. He could give me a gift for my actual birthday, or forget that I even had one. Still, I remained gentle, yet cruel. His queen, and his mistress, But, always his whore.

Does it sound like I’m CUMplaining?

Oh, trust me. It’s not. The upside of all of this is. Once my sensual domination class saves marriages, I never have to clean up after him or do his laundry. I never get to hear his complaints. I just get his extra time and his kiss. Giggle.  I’m here to enjoy his King Dong, guzzle his juices and drink him down, licking my lips, as I do him. I am the beneficiary of his hip thrusts as I shove my tongue deep inside his tight ass. I am the woman he plunges his huge cock helplessly into; filling every orifice I have and spilling his cum over me. I am also the one he kisses passionately before he goes back to her. I have already admitted, I am his filthy, fucking cum whore and he is my fetish phone sex slave.

My Dad is long gone now. But, I believe he would be proud of me. I have survived, and WELL! I am smart, funny and most of all, sexy! And I like me, just as I am! But, having the self-worth and confidence to stand in my own skin is what makes me the idea sensual domination mistress.  I get the happy end of the stick. His dick!

Furthermore, we can all learn lessons here, right?

After years as his cum whore, I’ll bet you want to know if he is still mine, or if I have moved on. In our years together, he has become quite famous in politics, as a point of fact. Want to know who he is? Call me.

Your Guilty Pleeaazurez start with JOEY!

Sensual Domination Class Saves Marriages