Mind-blowing Sensual domination

Kelsey’s sensual domination is mind-blowing. After a tease and denial session with me your cock will be throbbing and aching. You’ll beg me to let you blow but I will just giggle and pretend you didn’t ask that stupid question. Do you really think you can handle me keeping my panties on while you squirming beneath me? You heard me right I’ll be on top right above your face with only a thin layer of cotton separating your mouth from my tasty pussy. Of course, you won’t know just how tasty it is because I’ll deny you a lick. Any of my submissive fuck toys can tell you I haven’t let them touch, taste, or even fuck that tight pussy. Do you really think you’ll be the exception? I do love a man with ambition and goals but your still not getting inside my panties.

As I drop to my knees my eyes are focused on your throbbing dick and you know I’m going to tease it some more. My finger will start from your tip and I’ll slowly drag my finger down your shaft. You wish I would just grab it jerk it off already but I’m not. Then I take my tongue and barely lick it and giggle while your tortured. If you think that’s bad just wait until I use my other tricks on you. Are you really sure you can handle sensual domination with me? After I’m done giving you a cock tease I have a little something special for you.  I’ll sit back on my couch and spread my legs open wide then I’ll make you watch as I slip my hand inside my panties. The tease and denial continues as you feel yourself throbbing while I masturbate.

You’ll grab you hard dick and jerk it the way I say. When I say slow down you’ll slow it down but when I say faster you’ll obey. Do you really think I’m going to let you get off easily? While your jerking on your dick I will continue the tease and I have some tricks up my sleeves but let’s not give away my kinky secret here. There is a time and place will where I’ll reveal what your craving to hear. Sensual domination comes with a price are you willing to pay that price? Let’s see if you got what it take to survive in my fantasy.

kelsey-3049Kinky Kelsey