This sensual dom will tease you until your lollipop explodes!

I am your sensual dom dream.  Do you think you can handle it?  Do you think you can hold your load until I allow you to cum?

I tied your wrists to the bed frame with my leather bands.  Your ankles are tightly restrained with metal shackles.  The room is pitch black.  All you see is a silhouette of a sexy sensual dom woman.  You hear her heels tapping on the floor and her breath as she wraps the blindfold around your eyes.

As you feel my thighs press on your pelvic area, pressing my pussy on the shaft of your cock – your cock starts to pulse and grow, uncertain, but excited.  My warm tits tickle your belly and chest.  Wet lips softly kiss your cheek and neck, biting your neck.  Your curiosity peaks, your heart pounding harder.

My tongue slowly licks your inner thigh.  You can feel my nails gripping your outer thigh, sending signals of my eagerness to deep throat your hard cock.  My delicate hands cup your balls and squeeze them, pressing them against your body.  Then you feel my warm wet tongue lick your cock from the base all the way up to the head.  You hear a soft giggle, enticing, and devious.

Warm breath tickles your hard cock.  The feeling of wet lips pressing against your shaft.  Feel my warm throat all around your cock, tongue hugging your shaft, lips tight around.  You want me to suck harder.  You want to feel my pussy.   But I want to keep teasing you.  I want to see how long you can take it!  That is what sensual doms love!!

Give me a call to find out what happens on my next no limits, kinkiest, no taboo adventure.

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