The warm water hitting my face felt amazing. Almost as good as running my soapy hands all over my body. Pinching and pulling and teasing on my nipples and letting the ache between my legs build. I heard the door creak open and I peaked over to see in is my brother-in-law, Rob.  His face looks shocked and then aroused and I watch as he rubs his crotch. That’s when the thought of some sensual cum eating instructions hit.

I can tell he is wishing he could have kinky cheating sex with his brother’s wife. But I have something else in store for him. Letting him watch as I trail my hand lower over my stomach, down my pelvis, and then spreading my lips wide. Right as I spread my lips I say, “So tell me something, Rob. Would you take some sensual cum eating instructions from your sexy sister-in-law?” He looks me up and down and then nods yes.

I take some inspiration from my cei phone sex and I tell him to grip his cock for me. Rob listens and wraps his strong hand around his shaft. “Lightly run your hand up and down your shaft for me, tease your cock like I’m teasing my clit with my finger.” I slowly start to rub my clit in circles, the ache building more and more as I rub that little nub. I really love to give sensual cum eating instructions, it turns me on every single time!

Craving more of him jerking off to my sensual cum eating instructions.

Rob listens to me as I tell him to massage his balls in his hands, to feel how heavy and full of cum they are.  Making him grip his cock tighter and thrust into it like he is getting to fuck my pussy. Right as I slide two fingers inside myself and my moans fill up the bathroom. Rob spits onto his cock for me and starts pumping even faster. As soon as he is about to cum I tell him to stop. His groan of frustration lets me know he’s into my sensual cum eating instructions.

“Slowly stroke and tease your cock for me, let the pleasure build while I give you a show.” I start to finger my cunt even faster for Rob. He moves closer to the shower and opens the door so we can see each other better. Both our eyes didn’t leave the others, staring at each other as we let our pleasure build. Right when I’m on the very edge I tell him to pump his cock faster for me. “That’s it work that cock like your fucking my pussy Rob.”

My sensual cum eating instructions have him right back on the edge of cumming. I bury my fingers in my pussy and grab the shower head and hold it over my clit. The pressure has me bucking and letting out a scream. Rob starts to ooze precum and I know he wants to cum for me so badly. Staring straight at his cock I tell him to cum in his hand for me. Instantly, Rob is filling his hand with cum and bringing it to his mouth. I come apart as I watch him eat his cum and nearly fall to the shower floor.