The Perfect Guide to Erotic Sensual Bodyworship

Sensual bodyworship – experience in the erotic arts teaches you a lot. While I certainly know how to please my partners, both men and women, I have learned even more about myself. I can confidently say that I know everything there is to know about pleasing a woman’s body – stimulating their skin with passionate caresses and contact. If you’re looking to show a woman just how much you adore her there’s nothing better than some sensual bodyworship. I’m here to tell you how to do it.

After all the erotic French whore of Phone Sex Kingdom, you should expect me to know everything about the art of sensual bodyworship…. Isn’t that right?

The very first thing you have to keep in mind is that a woman’s body is a work of art. It is delicately and arduously arranged; it’s a thing of sheer beauty. It needs all the attention and care possible. To pleasure it, you need to be at the top of your game, always.

Sensual bodyworship is all about focus and knowledge, and only a balance of both elicits the deep moans of pleasure you want to hear.

Now you have to know how to start it off. If you start by immediately going for the breasts or the pussy, you’re bound to elicit displeasure. Sure, those are the most sensitive sexual hotspots, but there’s a lot more to a woman’s body than that. You have to start delicately to make your way to the stronger areas, and your first mode of action should involve the neck.

Personally, I think that a guy who goes straight for my pussy doesn’t know shit.

The neck and back of any woman are tender, delicate, and very sensitive. If you’re forceful, you’re bound to make a girl grimace. For sensual bodyworship, delicate is the way to be. Lining the back and side of the neck with tender kisses, licks, and nibbles is what you need to aim for. You should understand that at that moment in time, your needs are not important. It’s all about her, for the time being. Kiss her neck, excite her, sending goosebumps down her entire body…

Proceed towards the breasts. Cup them in your palms and move them slowly in an anti-clockwise direction. Inch your index finger and thumb upwards to massage the nipple. Just rub it between the fingers until it feels hard and erect against your fingers. Once it’s all perked up and ready, place your mouth around it. Use your tongue to strike the nipple in quick, repeated strokes and increase the intensity gradually. Don’t ignore the rest of her body while you do this! Keep on caressing her, her waist, her thighs…

While performing sensual bodyworship, you need to be present at all times, everywhere.

Finally, you’ll have to make your way to the holy grail: the pussy. This is a whole other level of responsibility! There’s the clit, the slit, and hole, and all of them need to be treated with specific attention to give the pleasure expected from sensual bodyworship.

Start by kissing the clitoris. Short, quick kisses do the job. Once you feel you have stimulated your girl, use your tongue to increase force and surface area. Follow it up by using your mouth to hold the clit and gently pull it as you suck it. Continue licking as soon as you release it. You can’t be overzealous, and if you’ve done a good job, you might just have a very wet pussy hole awaiting you.

The pussy guides itself. As soon as you put your mouth onto it, it will let you know where it wants you to go next, and you need to follow. Always pay attention to a lady’s moans and where she moves her body. Is she thrusting her hips upwards? Turning to her side? The slightest detail tells you where to go next

And hey, if you do a good enough job, she may want to return the favor and show you how much she appreciated your valiant efforts. Maybe with a deep-throat blowjob during a face fucking session? How does that sound?

Sensual bodyworship is a fulfilling, pleasurable, and sexy experience. Let’s share it together and call me at 1-888-413-5974!