Be honest, anytime you are around beautiful women, you are focusing on their round, sexy asses. You aren’t noticing their breasts, bellies, or faces, it is all about the booty for you, right? Well, you are a lucky man because I am going to show you my Sensual Ass Worship. Yes, you are going to bow down to my fine derriere. And, trust me, my ass is a work of art.

Ewww, are you salivating pervert? You need to calm down right now. I haven’t even taken any clothes off yet. Furthermore, I need you to behave for our session. Therefore, you need to reel in some of that excitement until your mistress is giving you permission to act a fool. When the time is right, you can let all your saliva out on my sexy ass.

First, let’s get started with our Sensual Ass Worship training.

I am your goddess and you are here to bow down to my greatness. I am the whole package, beauty, brains, and power. Additionally, you don’t want to fuck with me, baby. When I am giving you commands, you are to follow them or face my wrath. As you see, I am providing Sensual Ass Worship, my punishments aren’t painfully severe. They are more about denying you of pleasure.

Just thinking about my subs and denying them is making me smile. I love the tease and denial game. Making my subs go without cumming for long periods of time is exhilarating. The thrill of knowing I control them is exciting and fun. Of course, my true calling is Sensual and Pantyhose Domination Phone Sex. Using my amazing skills to control and dominate men is my joy in life.

Not all men are capable of being with a woman like me.

Interestingly enough, it takes men that are able to handle the pressure of my denial games. Of course, there are men that want the hardcore torture fetish fun. That isn’t me, I am into using my body, material items, and my beauty for my sensual ass worship fun. Uniquely, you will be amazed to see how my satin and silk take you to the edge. They are some of the most powerful tools I use.

It is funny because most don’t see the value of using sensual clothing to seduce and control men, but I do. My subs are in love with me and my skills. When I take a pair of stockings to tie them up or wrap around their balls, they melt to worship me. It is exciting the first time we do a session using my silk lingerie. My Hot Pantyhose Edging is sensual and erotic.

A lot of men love sniffing my ass through my soft satin panties.

Making them bury their face deep inside my gorgeous ass crack and sniff away is fun. Hearing them moan with pleasure is exciting. When they are good, I even let them pull down those satin panties. Yes, if you are a good sub, you get to be right up inside this sexy ass crack of mine. Oh, your cock is dancing now, isn’t it?!

I want you to focus and imagine how gorgeous my sweet little bare ass is. Then, I want you to picture yourself, within inches of it. As I am commanding you to go closer, slowly, you can visualize how hard your dick is getting. Of course, you can smell me now and see my tight little rosebud butthole. Isn’t it beautiful?

Did that get you hard? It should have if you are an ass man!

When we start our session, I am wearing pretty satin lingerie, a garter belt, and stockings. I am commanding you to undress for me. Start stripping slowly as I am dancing and touching myself in front of you. Once, you are fully undressed you are allowed to start stroking your cock. Of course, this is an order, do it.

Then, I slide one stocking off. I am sliding it around your neck, against your face and then, I am tieing you up with it. Fuck, you can’t stroke your dick anymore. Oh, now your balls are going to fill up with cum for me! I am going to get them so full it hurts.

Are you ready to play with me? Call now for some hot sensual ass worship!