Sensory Deprivation: At My Mercy

Imagine being completely helpless; unable to move, see, hear or speak. Completely sensory deprived and at my mercy. Sounds like the perfect guy to me. I was in the mood to have a body I could do whatever I want with so I called up Jake, one of my play buddies. He was more than willing to satisfy my needs.

When Jake arrived I led him to the bedroom and told him to get undressed. When he was done I did a slow striptease for him. By the time I stepped out of my panties he was rock hard. I went over to him and pushed him down on the bed. He moved to the center of it while I went to the dresser and took out a few items. I put them beside him on the bed and straddled his stomach. I picked up two pairs of handcuffs and secured each of his wrists to the headboard. Then I picked up a blindfold and tied it securely around his eyes before attaching a ball gag to his mouth. To finish things off I put earplugs in his ears.

I got up and moved back, positioning myself over his dick.

Lowered myself slightly and felt his dick brush against my pussy lips. I moved back and forth, teasing him. He pushed his hips up, trying to get more friction and I went even lower. I felt his dick stretch my pussy as it pushed into me. When he was in deep I stopped moving for a minute and enjoyed the feeling of being full. I began to ride him and hoped he knew I didn’t want him to cum just yet. He probably remembered from our last play session that I like to cum first. It felt good and I cupped my breasts. I squeezed them and pinched my nipples as I fucked myself on his dick.

I could hear him moaning through the gag and saw the muscles in his stomach tightening. He was trying to stop himself from cumming. I slowed down until he got himself under control then began to ride him faster. Then I slid a hand down to my pussy and stroked myself as I moved. I came loudly and wondered if he heard me through the earplugs.

I climbed off him and caught my breath. His dick was covered in my juices and kept twitching.

Now and again he’d push his hips up, dying to be touched. I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick and slowly licked up and down the length.

His dick throbbed as my tongue moved over him. I licked my juices off him then put my mouth over him. I sucked him slowly, letting him nearly slide out of my mouth before taking him back in.The handcuffs rattled as he tried to move his arms. His legs kept jerking and his hips would move as he tried to get more attention. I moved faster as I reached down and played with his balls. They felt heavy as I gently squeezed them. They jerked up in my hand as cum shot down my throat.

I kept sucking him until I had gotten every drop out of him then slid him out of my mouth. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up while he laid there in blissful darkness.

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