Semen Cocktail

Roxy is never too full for a semen cocktail. Do you have one to feed me today? Because I am craving it today more than ever. Not getting my fill of creamy jizz last night, today this greedy cum guzzler is on the prowl.  Do you know what my favorite mixture is? Cum and coke! Are you ready to give me a healthy dose to wash down my food today?

I am a little cum slut I confess. Most of you know that because I love nothing more than going down and sucking you dry. Some of you think its just for your pleasure, but let me tell you the real truth. It’s all about Roxy’s needs, and I need to feed. My warm wet mouth is the perfect place for your hard on.

And pictures say a thousand words don’t they! It’s the perfect way to heat up our time together with some hot pictures of me working a shaft. My little black book is filled with naughtiness. But there is one thing missing. A picture of your cock! I want to see pictures of you stroking it for me and then showing me your load. Or better yet, lets have a kinky Skype session so I can watch you! Nothings hotter than me watching and giving you some jerk off instructions.

Morning Wood

I snuck out of the house early the other day to go have a little rendezvous with my hot neighbor.  His wife was out of town so he texted me to make sure I came over to take care of his morning wood before he left for work. He loves when he can sneak one in with me because I don’t mind being mouth fucked deep and hard. He must have been watching me from his front door because right as I went to ring the doorbell he pulled me inside.

His fat cock was already out and ready. I smiled and dropped down on my heels. He commented on how turned on it made him to see me look up at him with my sexy eyes. And when he slips it out of my mouth and teases me with it, I crave it even more. I grabbed it and stuck it in my mouth, glaring at him for taking my treat away.  I was going to get my early morning snack one way or another.

He tried to control himself and not cum right away.  But the lip lock I had on him he had no choice but to give me what I wanted. Guzzling his cum juice and squeezing his balls to get out every last drop, we both moaned with pleasure. I love a good semen cocktail,but I wanted more. He wasn’t expecting what I did next!! Can you guess what I did to make him hard and cum again for me? Are you ready to get dirty, because I sure am!

Incest Phone Sex!