Selling Sex More than just Sex!

Selling Sex is an art form all it’s own. I love to sell my pussy to the highest bidder. Being a dirty little whore is so much fun. Fucking for cash is what I do best.

I am not your typical street corner hoe, you won’t find me on any street corner. I am a special delivery kind of girl. If you are lucky enough to get my number don’t ever lose it, cause you might not find it again.

And I promise you I am not cheap I will except nothing but the best, fine wine, fine gifts, and a fine hotel room with room service including anything I want.

Getting a night with me is more than just buying and Selling Sex, it’s a life-changing experience.

Imagine if you will your waiting in a nice hotel you pick up the phone dial my number and in less than 30 minutes there I am knocking on your door wearing a black overcoat.

I step in and untie my coat and let it fall to the floor and there I am in lacey fishnet stockings, 7-inch stiletto heels black with open toes, a garter belt, black lacey thong, a black push up bra that can barely contain my perky tits.

I give a slow little spin for you to admire my sexy little body and then I push you onto the bed.
Then I slip that big hard cock of yours into my pretty little mouth and get it nice and wet and so hard it’s about to burst.

I suck your cock until you beg me to fuck you.

Once I have my fun teasing you I will straddle over that huge cock and begin to lower myself onto you….

Wanna find out why Selling Sex is a life changing experience?

MILF Phone Sex!