Self pleasure hypnosis, the erotic way to gratification.

Self pleasure hypnosis, have you tried it? If not, you don’t know what you are missing. Come closer darling, take a seat on my couch. Lay back and relax. Let Roxy’s voice sweep you away to a realm where nothing else matters but utter satisfaction. Hear words whispered in your ear, that will allow the mind open. Accept my hand and fall into an induced state where self pleasure awaits you. It will rock your world.

What does self pleasure mean to you? There are different needs for different people. Tell me your deepest desires and let me enter your mind and implant those seeds.  Suspending your mind into an altered state of consciousness, which will allow it to trigger emotions.  Imagine discovering yourself doing things and not knowing why. Then realizing what it must be. And then wondering what other things Roxy did.

Permit your body and mind to relax. I’ve got techniques that work, so just have to allow yourself to let it. Focus your attention on the suggestions and commands given to you from your kinky therapist.  And then feel the pleasure it will bestow upon you. Working those kinky suggestions in just the way the experienced therapist knows how. The human mind is fascinating and when certain doors are opened possibilities are endless.

Used as a treatment or like an addictive drug, soon you’ll be wanting more. And who could blame you because your whole body will respond in ways it never has before. Reprogramming you into what you desire, and giving into your fantasy is just a phone call away. Are you ready to lay on Roxy’s couch and see how much I can mind fuck you? The door to my office is always open.  Come on in, I’m waiting.

Incest Phone Sex!