Seductive Lover Stories-The Three Components of a Good Lover

Seductive lover stories begin with knowing how to be a good lover and how you become one.  I’ve been a student of Tantra for the last seven years.  The word tantra means to weave and to expand.  At its very essence tantra is about spreading the pleasure throughout your entire body rather than restricting it to your cock or  pussy.   Tantra gets a lot of attention because our western society believes it is all about having better sex.  The sex part of tantra is only one small part.  But for this writing, I’m going to give you a taste of the sexual part of Tantra.  Want to be a better lover?  Have longer and more full-bodied orgasms?

Tantra can do that for you and so much more.  Tantra teaches that there are three elements that make a good lover.   Breath-Movement-and-Sound.  It’s that simple and that hard as well.

Sex on the phone is better with Chanel

So many of us have a tendency to hold our breath when we get close to orgasm.  We all know that feeling of building excitement that comes with arousal.  And, breath is actually part of what fuels our desire when we are aroused.  Close your eyes and imagine that you are with your lover.  Your rubbing against her body and she slides down to your achingly hard cock.  Your breath begins to speed up with every inch that she slides closer to your hard flesh.

Oral sex is often the gateway to all the other yummy parts.  You feel her mouth slide down and you feel her gag reflex milking you towards release. Your breath is now fast.  You are so aroused that you almost forget to breathe.  And, then the very breath that was fueling your is actually blocking the secret gate that can ride that pleasure that’s filling your cock to every part of your body.

Now here’s the tantra lesson cumming your way.  As you grab her head take deep breaths as your orgasm approaches.  The extra oxygen will infuse your cum load with an added boost that will literally blow your circuits.

Seductive Lover Stories Can Expand Your Pleasure

The next important aspect is the movement.  Bodies are meant to move, especially during sex.  You are with that hot lover that makes your skin melt.  Move with her body and follow the energy of pleasure. Allow your body to undulate against hers.  Push your cock against her and breathe into her mouth.  Share breath as you pump your hard cock against her pussy.

And the last element in the perfect recipe of a good lover is Sound…..If you have a desire or need then say it.  That hot lover of yours is moving her hips against yours as you slam your cock deep into her cunt.  Using sound will build the erotic to epic proportions. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

You Could Even Spice it up with Erotic Public Sex

When you are lucky enough to get me on the phone you’ll see what I’m talking about.  I use the same principles to give you the most pleasure-filled call possible.  Breath-Movement-Sound.