Seducing My Virgin Neighbor

Yes, I’ve been seducing my virgin neighbor. Finding out the secret he’d been hiding of being a virgin was a complete turn on. Always so cocky, the high school jock had barely even been kissed. But all that changed a few weeks ago. Finding him almost passed out in my backyard and not having the heart to turn him over to his parents; I let him sleep it off in my spare bedroom. It was then he started rambling on about how many times seducing me had come across his mind. But being a virgin he was clueless what to do.

Shocked, but turned on by the thought of taking the young jocks virginity a plan was set in action. Wanting him to have the first experience being sober I waited patiently for the morning to arrive. In fact, arousing him at the crack of dawn to give him a good morning cock rubbing sounded divine. Sneaking downstairs in my light pink robe and nothing underneath, slowly I opened the door. Looking so peaceful, eyes closed, one hand inside his boxers he slept.

Sitting on the edge of the bed,  my hand slid over the top of the thin boxers that held the virgin’s manhood. Was it big? Would it satisfy my thirst? There was only one way to find out. The morning wood was stiff underneath the fabric as I peeked inside. The smile that spread across this woman’s face couldn’t be kept hidden. It was perfect! About eight inches and thick, with a little bit of a curve to the left. Knowing if the virgin was trained correctly he would rock my world. Kissing him to wake up, the virgin stirred opening those dark eyes and grinning.

His First Lesson

The virgin looked around not understanding where he was at first until Roxy explained to him what had happened. When I told him what he had confessed, he blushed like a true virgin would. With my hand on his chest, I leaned forward again to kiss him deep and passionately. The young jocks body turned warmed as I started to grope him, making his inexperienced cock throb. Whispering that the first lesson was about to be taught, he shook his head.

The jock’s cock looked like candy just waiting to satisfy Roxy’s sweet tooth. Stroking it gently at first, then allowing the tip to slip into this woman’s warm mouth. Cock hungry and craving cum, I wasn’t able to control my desire for long. Bringing the virgin to the brink of an orgasm, the sucking stopped. The young jock begged for it to continue, but I refused and only teased. Sliding up and straddling over the broad chest of his, the teasing started again.

A well-placed finger in Roxy’s moist box so close to the jocks face had him panting. And as I placed it in his mouth after finger fucking that pussy, the jock closed those dark eyes savoring the taste. Sliding down below his cock, I made him sit up. Pushing that face down to my hard nipples, forcing him to suck. Just like a hungry breastfed baby he nursed. Pushing his hands down to my ass cheeks, I raised up and allowed his fat precum dripping cock to enter.

“Is it time to fuck?” the virgin moaned, and I shook my head yes! Working the jock easy so as not to allow his first experience to be a thirty-second disappointment; allowing him to get so close then making him wait. Roxy was in control.

Cock Control

Seducing my virgin neighbor and being in control is a total turn on for Roxy. Especially with a sweet hot virgin like the jock. Showing him different positions and allowing him to feel just how good deep penetration could be. Turning on some porn to really make him crazy, I made him stop to watch. Teasing his cock with light touches, letting my thumb caress his cum dripping hole I kept working him.

His increased panting let me know he couldn’t hold his wad much longer. Slipping the cock into my warm mouth once again the sucking began. His fingers gripping the sheets he begged out loud to allow him to cum. I stopped and looked at him and told him if he wanted to fuck my pussy he had to eat it first. He wanted so badly to stroke his cock while he did it, but Roxy didn’t allow it. Making him eat and beg I thought I had made him work for it enough.

Making him mount me from behind I told him if he ever wanted to fuck me again he better pound my pussy good. Grabbing my hips he started slamming and I started moaning. Never being able to keep quiet I let loose my screams of pleasure as he kept going. But like a good boy when he was right on the edge he asked if he could cum. And when I said yes he let loose, filling me up.  Put another notch on my headboard! Seducing my virgin neighbor was more fun than I thought.


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