Call me crazy, but fucking the man in the Santa suit is such a turn-on! I think meeting him at the mall is a good thing for me. Now, I am seducing the mall Santa to have my way with him.

At first, he wanted to take me to the back of the mall area. Like the maintenance area and such. Hell, no. I told him that wasn’t happening with this girl.

Besides, when I am working at getting a guy, I want it to go my way and be sexier than that. Especially since he is married and has been fucking other ladies at the mall.

That is why seducing the mall Santa is happening at my house.

Tonight, everyone is out of the house overnight. That means I get it to myself and have my new playmate coming over for our fun. He has even given his wife an excuse to be out all night.

Therefore, I will have twenty-four hours to do with him as I wish. Of course, he has no idea what my level of freaky is, and he doesn’t need to know until I am seducing the mall Santa.

Furthermore, by then, I am going to be tying him to my bed. He will be having the time of his life! His name is Jim, and Jim has a very nice-sized cock that I will play with in many kinky ways.

After a night with me, the other women he has been fucking will seem mediocre.

Like most of the men who play with me once, Jim will be coming back for more again and again after I am done seducing the mall Santa. To be honest, I think I will like that. So far, he is fun to chat with and a good kisser.

Let’s hope he is a quality lover with the bit of knowledge he has. My friend that works at the mall said he is pretty vanilla in the sexual area. He will no longer be vanilla after all I teach him!

Please, he will have those women fighting over who gets to fuck him next. Hahaha… and I will be watching and enjoying the show. Knowing I helped create this amazing lover man.

This will be my first time seducing the mall Santa.

In all my years of getting wet sitting on Santa’s lap, I have never done anything about it. Sure, I have my fantasies. And, yes, I have always wanted to fuck my dad in the Santa suit at Christmas time.

However, I have not gotten to do that. So, tonight as I am riding Jim’s dick, I will be calling him Daddy while he has the suit on. Oh, yes, he knows he has to wear the Santa suit.

That is a requirement to play with me this time. For the fun of seducing the mall Santa! I am so excited to live out this wild fantasy! Do you have any kinky fantasies I can help you with?

Perhaps you want the details on what happened with me and the mall Santa? Call me for some fetish phone sex and all the dirty details!

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