I had been crushing on my neighbor’s husband for months. His wife and I were friends. We spent a lot of time drinking wine on our decks, and I finally got her to talk about what turned her man on. She said Jim went crazy for anything leopard print. I was a little surprised, but she was adamant. He loved anything leopard, and he would get an instant hard on. She was laughing, saying that he was so easy, it was sometimes too easy! Well, I liked the sound of that!

Jim worked from home. He was a workaholic. On a day that I knew his wife was going to be gone, I made my move. I put on my leopard lingerie under my jacket, grabbed a bottle of wine and headed out the door.

He answered the door in shorts and a tshirt. He had me wet just looking at his tan biceps. He must have just been working out. What great timing!

“I thought I’d come over and talk you into taking a break,” I said, flashing my smile. He seemed a little preoccupied, but he let me in and we went to the sunroom. He got a couple glasses and we sipped our wine.

After a couple glasses, we were chatting more freely, and I told him that I knew his special secret.

“What secret?” he asked.

I stood up, opened my jacket and let it drop to my heels. I rubbed my nipples through my bra until they stood out hard. He stood up and went to kiss me. I stopped him and pushed down on his shoulder. He got on his knees. I took his head in my hands and pushed his nose into my leopard panties. He inhaled loudly and let out a moan. I put my foot on my chair and pulled my panties to the side. He licked my pussy from bottom to the top in one full lick. I was wet and ready. He lapped up my juice until I came hard over his face. He stood up and he kissed me hard and I tasted myself. He picked me up and put me on a bar stool. He quickly undressed and I saw his huge cock pointing right at me. I grabbed it and he shoved it in all the way in one thrust. He felt amazing. I wrapped my legs around him and he pumped me hard and fast. He pulled out and came all over my tits. I scooped some off my tit and I licked the cum off my fingers.

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