Seducing Housewife, my perfect title.

Seducing housewife that is always craving cock. Yes, that is this girls title for sure! And this week I got to have a mid-week snack on a mini-vacation. A mid-week vacation that included wine, a friend and her naughty husband is always fun. In fact, it’s almost heaven to me. Knowing that I can wear a sexy outfit and make his cock hard turn rock hard turns me on.

At lunch, on Wednesday we went to brunch. Of course, I was craving more than just food since I hadn’t had any dick for over a week.  I was seated in between one of my girlfriends and her husband.  He’s shy, but that never stops an ambitious seducing housewife. Because I know just how big that cock was hidden behind his slacks.  Turning in my chair I faced him and slid his hand between my legs. He glanced around to see if anyone was watching but fingered me anyway.

And the husband isn’t the only one who wanted a piece of the pie. The tribbing loving friend of mine was eager to go down on me too. Who am I to deny their fantasy of fucking the naughty housewife. As I stood up grabbing both of their hands, we excused ourselves from the table. Because we left so abruptly, everyone in the room shifted their eyes toward us.

I was hoping all the men in the room were smiling, knowing I was about to be the center of attention.

We found the nearest lounge area, since going back to the hotel would take too long and I was ready to get crazy right then and there. Allowing them both to strip me bare the sex party began. Although both fought over who would get to eat from my honeypot first, I choose.  I wanted the perverted husband to eat that pussy, while I serviced his wife. She began to straddle over my face as he dived in. I smiled, knowing this would go on for hours. And since it’s so long of a story, you’ll have to wait for Part II to emerge soon!

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